Istanbul New Airport – All you need to know


Since Turkey has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, the presence of such an airport was very necessary.

Due to its geographical location in Asia and Europe, this tourist center needed a larger airport than Ataturk and Sabiha.

Therefore, the Turkish government proceeded with the opening of one of the largest airports in the world.


But where is the new Istanbul airport located and what are its advantages? How far is this airport from the important locations of Istanbul? How to get to the new airport? And…

This airport is called Istanbul New Airport (İstanbul Yeni Havalimanı) and is located in Arnavutköy district in the European part of the city.

In addition, this airport is very luxurious and modern and is one of the largest in the world.

In fact, this airport won its first prize in the 2015 International Architecture Competition for the design of the air traffic control tower and technology. granted by the Chicago Athenaeum.

Istanbul’s new airport has become the largest and most distinguished airport in Europe, and one of the busiest in the world, due to its location linking North Africa, Europe and Asia.

Istanbul New Airport uses the highest level of security and the latest technology.

A total of 9,000 smart cameras with facial recognition and 8 motion-sensitive cameras were used in passenger terminals and parking lots.


Where is the new Istanbul airport located?

Istanbul New Airport is 54 km from Istanbul city center. By car, it takes about an hour to travel this distance.

The airport is located in the northwestern part of Istanbul on the Black Sea coast. Below you can see the new Istanbul Airport on the map.

Istanbul new airport address

Arnavutkoy area

Tayakadın, Terminal Cad No:1, 34283 Arnavutköy/İstanbul


Contact number for the Istanbul new airport

To communicate with the new Istanbul airport, you can contact:

+90 4441442


The size of Istanbul new airport

The area of ​​​​the new Istanbul airport is about 76 million square meters:

  • The airport has 114 gates.
  • The new airport has 40,000 parking spaces.
  • There are 20,000 seats in the airport.
  • There are 228 counters for passport control.
  • The area of ​​the airport is equivalent to the size of 7 football fields.
  • There is a 42-kilometer baggage conveyor belt with a capacity of transporting 30,000 bags per hour.


Istanbul New Airport Facilities

Istanbul New Airport, which is one of the largest and most beautiful international airports in the world, has attractive features that you will not find in any airport!

Follow us to find out what the new Istanbul Airport has to offer:

1. Dine at the new Istanbul airport!

Within the airport, there is a wide range of international restaurants and cafes ready to serve passengers at Istanbul Airport.

Starbucks, Gloria Jane, Poppies, and Burger King are some of the airport’s most popular brands.

2. Easy and cheap shopping at the new Istanbul airport

In airports, there are stores called Free Shop or Duty Free, which sell their products at a lower price than regular stores.

You can also see good examples of these shops in Istanbul New Airport.

Seize the opportunity and buy perfumes, clothes, electronics, watches, jewellery, children’s clothes and delicious foods from the luxury shops of Istanbul New Airport without paying taxes.

3. Art exhibitions at Istanbul Airport

We previously said that there are special and interesting sights at Istanbul Airport. One of them is the art galleries at this airport.

If you have enough time to enjoy the various sections of Istanbul Airport, make sure to visit the showrooms at this airport.

There are two exhibitions in the new Istanbul Airport. One of them presents the construction process of Istanbul’s new airport and presents photographs in this field to the public, and the other is an exhibition of the works of Turkish photographer and journalist Ara Güler.

In addition to these exhibitions, you can also visit the Airport Museum, which was established to introduce the culture of Turkey to transit travelers.

4. Relax in the lobby of the Istanbul new airport!

Perhaps the first thing that catches your eye about the Istanbul new Airport (IST) is the beautiful and elegant lounges and lobby of this airport.

The lobby is the best place to relax in between flights.

The special feature of the Istanbul New Airport is the relaxation of passengers with the use of an unlimited number of food and beverages.

You can sit on the comfortable sofas in the lobby and order your favorite drink, and even then, take a few minutes to refresh yourself before your flight.


5. Children’s playground. The best place for children in the Istanbul new airport

Traveling with children has its challenges. Your child is likely to get bored while lounging and reading a book in the airport lobby, or shopping.

The designers of Istanbul’s new airport have also thought about this.

Take your child to the children’s playground at the airport to have fun like you do.

Flight information from Istanbul New Airport

The number of passengers arriving from or arriving at Istanbul’s new airport is estimated at 150 million passengers annually.

In the plan to develop this airport, this number is supposed to reach 200 million people per year.

In the Istanbul flight information panel at, you can see if there is a flight from the city you are considering to the new Istanbul airport.

In addition, you may be curious to know from which cities the 150 million people we mentioned came to Istanbul and where they are going.

Atlas Global, Turkish Airlines, Honor Air, Wings Airlines, Saudi Arabia, British Airways, Qatar Airways, and Etihad Airways have direct flights to Istanbul’s new airport.


Buses and public transportation to Istanbul Airport

As I have read, the new Istanbul Airport currently does not have access to the metro, and the cheapest way to get there is by bus at the moment.

Fortunately, there are special lines for passenger convenience.

From inside the airport, follow the blue bus signs to reach the bus station, and from there, choose your way from the various lines.

Istanbul New Airport bus station services include Taksim Square, Sultanahmet Square and other parts of Istanbul.

If you do not care about the cost of travel, private taxis at the airport are also a good option for going into the city.

The journey from the new airport to the city center takes about 60 minutes by taxi and costs about 250 liras.

There are three types of taxis at the airport, marked in different colors:

  • Orange taxis.
  • Taxis are blue.
  • black taxis.

Read more about taxis in Istanbul here.

New Istanbul Airport Control Tower

Istanbul new airport attracts many tourists in terms of design.

The design of this architectural masterpiece is inspired by the tulip flower, which is one of the symbols of the traditional and Islamic Turkish culture in Istanbul, and the interior design of the airport is inspired by the architectural style of the Ottoman era, especially the works of the famous Ottoman architect Sinan.

It is important to know that this airport won its first prize in the 2015 International Architecture Competition for the design of the Air Traffic Control Tower and Technical Building.


Why was the new Istanbul airport built?

Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world and is gradually being added to its tourist attractions.

Therefore, it was necessary to design a larger airport with more facilities for this city.

Istanbul New Airport is the third airport in Istanbul, preceded by Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

Of course, Ataturk Airport was closed on April 6, 2019 and was replaced by the new one.

Attractions near Istanbul New Airport

If you have a few hours before your flight and don’t mind wandering around the beautiful city of Istanbul, the best and wisest thing to do is choose places to visit that are a short distance from the airport.

As we mentioned, the new Istanbul airport is relatively far from the city center. Don’t forget to think about when to go back to the airport again so you don’t miss the flight.

Our suggestion is to leave the airport if you have more than 6 hours. Otherwise, spend your time visiting different parts of the airport and relaxing in the lobby.

However, let’s introduce the sights near the new Istanbul Airport.

1- Sultanahmet Square (45 km)

Sultanahmet Square is one of the places visited by thousands of tourists on the first day of their Istanbul tour.

This square is 45 km from the new Istanbul Airport.

Sultanahmet Square is a unique place that brings together many important tourist attractions in Istanbul. Where you can see the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern.

2- Taksim Square (40 km)

Taksim Square, like Sultanahmet Square, has great views and is a good choice to visit.

Walking in Istiklal Street and getting acquainted with the lifestyle of the people is one of the entertainments that you can do near Taksim Square.

Distinctive landmarks near Taksim are:


Important points about the new Istanbul airport

  • Istanbul is a good stopover for transit flights. (Transit trips are trips that stop in one or two cities along the way.)
  • Istanbul Airport started operating in early 2019.
  • With urban transportation services, you can go directly to Istanbul’s new airport. Special bus lines (HAVAIST) and taxis are provided for the convenience of the passengers and transport them to the center of Istanbul.
  • Istanbul New Airport is equipped with luggage storage. So if you have a desire to explore the city before the flight, remember that you do not have to take your luggage with you.
  • To use the airport facilities and plan a better time, you need to know; Passport and security checks at Istanbul New Airport take about an hour and a half.
  • Istanbul’s largest airport hotel is scheduled to open at the new Istanbul Airport. The 451-room hotel is being built in collaboration with Yotel Capsule Hotels.
  • To use public transportation, you must have an Istanbul Card. Do not forget to get a card from the new Istanbul airport, so that you do not have problems going into the city and getting around with public transport services.



Before traveling, always have all the necessary information about the destination and how to get there.

Getting to know Istanbul’s new airport and what awaits you at this airport is one of the most important things that will come in handy when you travel to Istanbul.

Remember to take the time to visit the showrooms at Istanbul New Airport, relax in its impressive lobby and shop at the tax-free and cheap shops.