Istanbul Kent University – Courses and Tuition Fees – All you need to know


Istanbul is one of the most important cities in Turkey, located along the Bosphorus, and every year it attracts an increasing number of students from all over the world to study at its distinguished universities.


Istanbul Kent University is one of the modern private universities.

This university is located on the coast near the Bosphorus.

The university offers a distinguished and advanced education to its students, it includes many educational facilities such as libraries, laboratories and research centers.

In this article, we will introduce you to Istanbul Kent University, in addition to introducing you to the majors and tuition fees, follow us.

Introduction to Istanbul Kent University

Located in the heart of Istanbul, Istanbul Kent University was established by the Education Without Obstacles Foundation (ENEV) in 2016 with the aim of assisting in the development of education in Turkey and globally.

Istanbul Kent University has 4 faculties, 2 vocational schools and a postgraduate institute.

Istanbul Kent University offers its educational courses according to international standards, and aims to keep pace with changes in the world to provide students with an advanced and effective education and to play a more active role in the world.


The university also seeks to educate students, enrich their cultural values, raise their level of confidence and provide them with sufficient skills to compete on the national and international arenas.

In an effort to achieve these goals, the Istanbul Kent University is developing robust educational plans to keep pace with the demands of the labor market, and seeks to provide professional experience to its students to prepare them for a successful future.

With an outstanding teaching staff, and a cutting-edge, student-centered curriculum, Istanbul Kent University provides laboratories and workshops for all its students to gain experience and prepare for the future.

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Objectives of Istanbul Kent University

Istanbul Kent University, through its educational activities, aims to encourage students for scientific research by providing access to information, enhancing their ability to solve problems and create collaborative projects.

In this regard, the basic principles of this university, which aims to achieve global standards in education, research and development, are as follows:

  • Follow the continuous improvement approach in all areas of the university’s specialization.
  • Raising the quality of education and scientific research.
  • Improving the content and quality of educational, social and research activities.
  • Becoming one of the best universities that represent Turkey internationally.

Majors and Tuition Fees at Istanbul Kent University


Specializationstudy yearslanguageTuition fees before discountTuition fees after discount
Political Science and Public Administration4English6000$2700$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4English6000$3000$
Business Management4English6000$2700$
Culinary arts.4English6000$3000$
Business Management4Turkish6000$2000$
Public Relations and Advertising4Turkish6000$2000$
Political Science and Public Administration4Turkish6000$2000$
Social Service4Turkish6000$2000$
International Trade and Logistics4Turkish6000$2000$
child development4Turkish6000$2000$
Language and speech therapy4Turkish6000$2000$
culinary arts4Turkish6000$2000$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish6000$2300$
Nutrition and Diet4Turkish6000$2300$
interior architecture4Turkish6000$2700$



SpecializationMaster SystemStudy languageTuition fees before discountTuition fees after discount
Master Occupational Health and SafetyNon-thesisTurkish3500$1500$
Master of Health Care AdministrationNon-thesisTurkish3500$1500$
Master of International Business AdministrationNon-thesisTurkish3500$1500$
Master of Health Care Administrationwith ThesisTurkish4500$2000$
Master of Business Administrationwith ThesisTurkish4500$2000$
Master of Clinical PsychologyNon-thesisTurkish7000$7000$
Master of Clinical Psychologywith ThesisTurkish10000$10000$

Two-year diploma

Specializationstudy yearsthe languageTuition fees before discountTuition fees after discount
Child Development2Turkish4000$1600$
Oral & Dental Health2Turkish4000$1600$
Electro neurophysiology2Turkish4000$1600$
First Aid & Emergency2Turkish4000$1600$
Medical Documentation & Secretarial2Turkish4000$1600$
Social Service2Turkish4000$1600$
Medical Imaging Technologies2Turkish4000$1600$
Operation Room Services2Turkish4000$1600$
Computer Programming2Turkish4000$1600$
Hair Care and Beauty Services2Turkish4000$1600$
Medical Laboratory Techniques2Turkish4000$1600$
Pathology Laboratory Techniques2Turkish4000$1600$
Pharmacy Services2Turkish4000$1600$


Istanbul Kent University Facilities

Initially, Istanbul Kent University Campus was established in 1846 as a German hospital with a contribution from German charitable organizations.

After which the hospital was closed in 2013, and converted into (the educational institution of Istanbul High School).

In 2016, Istanbul Kent University began providing its educational services in this campus, and many qualified facilities were established to prepare students for the future.

The University has many educational facilities, like libraries, laboratories, scientific, technical and research centers.

In addition to a library that includes many books and resources to help students in their research, a spacious university campus, and a dining hall.

Istanbul Kent University also has a Career Development Center, which bridges academic and professional life, supporting students and alumni by providing information and guidance on training opportunities and career fields for each major.

This center also provides courses and seminars to help students develop their career plans after graduation in line with their areas of interest and desires.

The language of instruction at Istanbul Kent University

The language of instruction at Istanbul Kent University is Turkish and English, and the university also has an English Language Training Center that offers one-year courses for international students.

KELT is a test for the English Language Preparation Program at this University in Istanbul.

This test is taken by students who meet the admission requirements.

This test includes “Reading”, “Listening”, “Writing” and “Speaking” sections and the test is divided into two sessions.

The first session includes the written test, and it lasts about three hours (180 minutes) and assesses the students’ reading, listening and writing skills.

The Speaking test is taken in the second session, which is usually the day after the written test and lasts for 15 minutes.

The KELT score is distributed as follows:

  • Reading section 30%
  • listening section 20%
  • Conversational section 20%
  • writing section 30%


Admission to the Istanbul Kent University

The documents required for admission to Istanbul University are:

  • Valid passport
  • High school diploma (certified and translated into Turkish or English)
  • Transcripts (translated into Turkish or English)
  • Personal Photos

University location

Frequently Asked Questions About Kent University in Istanbul

Where is the University of Kent located?

The University of Kent is located in Istanbul, Turkey, in Beyoğlu distrect.

Is Istanbul Kent University a public university?

Istanbul Kent University is a private university.

What is the language of instruction at Istanbul Kent University?

The University offers its various programs in both Turkish and English.

What is the KELT test at the University of Kent?

It is a test to prepare for the English language at Istanbul Kent University.

What are the admission requirements at the Istanbul Kent University?

Registration at the Istanbul Kent University requires some documents which are passport, personal photos, high school diploma certified and translated into English or Turkish.