Istanbul Nişantaşi University – Majors, Fees, and admission | All you need to know


This guide to Istanbul Nişantaşi University will provide information on the majors offered by the university for obtaining a bachelor’s degree and the costs associated with pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees at Nişantaşi University.


Overview of Istanbul Nişantaşi University

Istanbul Nişantaşi University is a private Turkish university that was founded in 2009 by the Nişantaşi Foundation for Education and Culture.

The university focuses on providing quality education and career development to its students, enabling them to achieve progress and self-sufficiency.

Despite being a relatively new institution, Nişantaşi University has made a significant impact on education in Turkey by preparing students for the global job market and motivating them to excel in their practical lives. As a result, the university is recognized as one of the most advanced and competitive universities in Turkey.


Important dates about Nişantaşi University

The official website of Nişantaşi University provides significant dates and events that have occurred throughout the university’s history, including:

  • September 2009: The university was inaugurated.
  • October 2010: Teaching of associate degree programs commenced.
  • 2013: Approval was granted to offer postgraduate programs in various majors such as psychology and business administration without a thesis.
  • Academic year 2013-2014: The university expanded to offer 23 majors across various faculties.
  • Academic year 2013-2014: Turkish language was introduced as the language of instruction across all departments.
  • 2014: Approval was obtained to teach postgraduate studies in health management with a thesis.
  • Academic year 2014-2015: The university further increased its majors and departments to offer 30 majors.
  • Academic year 2014-2015: Teaching in English began through the Department of Psychology.
  • 2015: Approval was granted to teach a PhD in Business Administration.
  • Academic year 2015-2016: The number of specializations offered in English increased to four, including Psychology, Media, International Relations, and Architectural Engineering.
  • 2016: Approval was obtained to teach Political Science and International Relations with or without a thesis.
  • Academic year 2016-2017: The number of departments increased to 44, including 25 in the College of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 10 in the College of Engineering and Architecture, and nine in the College of Arts and Design.
  • Academic year 2016-2017: Studies in English were offered in eight departments, including Psychology, Media, International Relations, Architecture, Aviation Management, Civil Engineering, Interior Design and Architecture, and Sociology.
  • Academic year 2020-2021: Nişantaşi University introduced new majors and departments for associate degrees across various faculties, including two programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, three programs in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, two programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and one program in the College of Physical Education.
  • Academic year 2020-2021: The university began teaching three new programs within the vocational school of Nişantaşi University.


The location of Istanbul Nişantaşi University is in the central area of Maslak Sarıyer, which is situated on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. The university can be conveniently accessed through public transportation, particularly government buses that are made available to the students for easy and swift transportation to the campus.

The university’s website:


Nişantaşi University Campus and Majors:

Nişantaşi University’s NeoTech Campus is its most significant project. The university has constructed a cutting-edge and contemporary campus to accommodate the technology of the future and the modern era. It offers students all the necessary amenities, including advanced classrooms, laboratories, computer labs, workshops, a vast library, and exhibitions of various engineering and arts disciplines, including culinary arts. The campus provides classrooms and laboratories for all academic disciplines, ensuring that students receive a top-notch education.

Mission, vision, and policy of Istanbul Nişantaşi University

Nişantaşi University in Turkey has a mission, vision, and policy that revolve around utilizing modern digital technology to provide an innovative and flexible education to its students. The university aims to benefit from the technological revolution in education by implementing an educational model based on innovation. This model aims to prepare its students for the digital future and help them easily adapt to the professions and goals of this future. Nişantaşi University’s vision is to conduct research and development through innovative products and build an educational model that is supported by digital technology. The university achieves this vision through its digital platforms and technology tools equipped with artificial intelligence mechanisms that provide a modern and unique study experience. This helps the university accomplish its goal of producing highly skilled graduates.


The Ranking of Nişantaşi University

Nişantaşi University holds the 150th spot in the Turkish university rankings, while it is placed at 7497 globally among all universities.

Characteristics and Features of Istanbul Nişantaşi University

Nişantaşi University is characterized by several features, including the adoption of English as the primary language for most majors. It is a member of the European Higher Education Foundation and follows modern approaches and development steps.

The university’s fees are average and can be reduced by up to 70% for students, making them affordable. Nişantaşi University offers maximum experience to students to compete with the world’s largest universities.

It adopts a scientific research approach to overcome students’ obstacles and foster awareness and critical thinking. The university aims to create an innovative leadership generation in digital technology and build strong business models based on modern technologies and artificial intelligence to compete in the business world.

Moreover, Nişantaşi University contains an office dedicated to coordinating scientific projects to enable students to analyze and integrate with modern technologies, fostering conscious minds that work on innovation and problem-solving.

The university provides student exchange programs in many European cities, which offers high experience, diverse knowledge, and exposure to different cultures. It also has simulation centers to train students for practical life.


Research and Application Centers at Istanbul Nişantaşi University

Istanbul Nişantaşi University is home to various research and application centers that cater to the different specializations offered by the university. These centers include the Oral and Dental Health Research and Applications Center, Continuing Education Applications and Research Center (SEM), Financial, Economics and Policy Studies Research and Applications Center (FEPAM), Women and Family Studies Applications and Research Center, Turkish Language Teaching Applications and Research Center (TOMER), Distance Education Applications and Research Center, and Production Management Applications and Research Center.

Facilities and Services at Istanbul Nişantaşi University

Nişantaşi University provides its students with a wide range of services and facilities to support their academic and personal development. Some of these include:

Student Clubs:

The university offers a variety of student clubs to facilitate social, sports, artistic, and cultural activities, including the Research and Development Club, basketball club, dance club, E-Sports Club, Wonderful Literature Club, Press Club, Youth International Relations Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Graphic Design Club, Flying Club, Animal Club, First Aid Club, International Student Exchange Club, Alumni Club, Cinema club, History Club, and Drama Club.

Support and Solution Center Unit:

The Support and Solution Center is a famous facility located in the university that provides assistance and solutions to any problems that students may face throughout their academic journey.

Sports Services:

Nişantaşi University provides a variety of sports activities and teams for students to practice different sports, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, and athletics.

Psychological Counseling Unit:

The university offers a special unit for psychological counseling, providing consultation and therapeutic follow-up for any mental disorders or diseases that students may experience. The unit also provides support for students of determination, including accommodation, learning assistance, and other services aimed at facilitating their study and success.


Specializations of Nişantaşi University

Nişantaşi University offers various specializations that are divided into faculties, schools, and institutes. The university has seven faculties, which are:

  • College of Engineering
  • College of Medicine
  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Economics
  • Administration and Social Sciences
  • College of Arts and Design
  • College of Health Sciences.

In addition, there are five vocational schools and one institute, including Nişantaşi Vocational School, School of Civil Aviation, School of Physical Education and Sports, School of Health Sciences, School of Applied Sciences, and Institute of Music.

Nişantaşi University fees for undergraduate studies in Turkish

Nişantaşi University fees range according to the following majors:

Bachelor of Human Medicine (in English)13,000 $
Bachelor of Dentistry (in English)12,000 $
Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation2,950 $
Bachelor of Political Science and Public Administration7,481 $
Bachelor of Computer Engineering2,950 $

Note: Fees are subject to change and may vary depending on various factors such as scholarships, financial aid, and other factors.


Fees for Nişantaşi University’s undergraduate programs in English are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration$7481
Bachelor of Software Engineering$7481

Nişantaşi University Master’s Program Fees in Turkish

ProgramLanguageRegistration Fees
Master of Biotechnology with ThesisTurkish$3300
Master of General Engineering with or without ThesisTurkishBetween $2900 and $3300
Master of International Trade and Finance with ThesisTurkish$3300
Master of Civil Engineering without ThesisTurkish$2900

Fees for vocational schools at Nişantaşi University:

Vocational SchoolProgramLanguageFees
Health Sciences SchoolPharmacy ServicesTurkish$2000
Health Sciences SchoolMedical Laboratory TechniquesTurkish$2000
Civil Aviation SchoolTransportation Management for Civil AviationTurkish$2000
Management Vocational SchoolAvionics and Electrical for AviationTurkish$2000
Health Sciences SchoolRadiotherapyTurkish$2000

The tuition fee for studying at any of the vocational schools at Nişantaşi University is $2000.


Papers required for registration at Nişantaşi University

To register for studies at Nişantaşi University, there are certain papers that must be prepared and presented as part of the admission requirements. These documents include

  • Photograph.
  • Passport copy translated into English or Turkish.
  • High school certificate translated into English or Turkish and certified by the Turkish embassy.
  • Statement of grades of the general secondary certificate
  • Translated into English or Turkish and authenticated by the Turkish embassy.
  • If you have not completed high school, the certificate of the last semester, translated and certified.
  • Certificate of completion of the English language, if any, (if the student prefers to study in English). It is a TOEFL certificate with a minimum score of 79 for the bachelor’s degree.
  • YOS Turkish language test certificate when choosing to study in Turkish.

Note that additional papers and certificates may qualify you for discounts on tuition fees. It is preferable to present them, if any.

Student exchange at Istanbul Nişantaşi University

Nişantaşi University offers opportunities for student exchange through international curriculum courses and the ECTS method. The university has signed partnership agreements with over 85 international universities to enable student exchange programs. Additionally, as a member of the European Erasmus Student Exchange Network, which comprises more than 300 universities in 33 European countries, Nişantaşi University students can participate in student exchange programs with any of these universities.