“Humanitarian Relief” calls for urgent aid to the displaced Syrians


Bulent Yildirim, head of the Turkish Humanitarian, Human Rights and Freedoms Organization (İHH) called.

To send urgent aid to the displaced Syrians residing in primitive camps, following a wave of rain and snow that swept the area.


Hundreds of camps located in the safe Syrian areas bordering the border with Turkey were damaged by rain and snow.

It rained during the past few days, amid a lack of materials and basic supplies for heating.

Speaking during a field tour coordinating aid in the area, Yildirim said that many tents collapsed due to the sudden heavy snowfall, which worsened the living conditions of the displaced.

He explained that many of the displaced have moved to other camps, and some tents have accommodated about 10 or 15 people.

The Commission continues its relief activities, but what it is doing alone is not sufficient to address the situation in the face of the severe cold.


He continued, “We want our (Turkish) people to make more effort and for civil society organizations to be more active in this regard.

These people need tents, coats, winter clothes, food, beds, quilts, and firewood.”

Yildirim appealed to philanthropists from Turkey and the world to make donations and give alms and alms for the benefit of the region’s needy residents.