Car insurance in Turkey – All you need to know


In Turkey, it is mandatory for all vehicles to possess at least third-party liability insurance, and drivers are required to carry evidence of it all the time.

If you have a foreign license plate and are driving in Turkey or abroad, it is crucial to be aware that your insurance coverage may reduce to third-party liability, which implies that the policy will only pay for damages caused to other parties and not your car.

Therefore, it is vital to verify with your insurance provider before traveling, whether to Turkey or any other country, to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

Continue reading to gain further insights into car insurance in Turkey.

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Types of Car Insurance in Turkey

Compulsory traffic insurance, also known as “zorunlu trafik sigortası” is mandatory for all vehicles in Turkey and covers the expenses related to damage caused to another car in case of an accident.

However, there is an additional type of vehicle insurance, called “Kasko,” that provides a more comprehensive coverage, including theft, vandalism, and fire. Kasko insurance is available in three levels of protection, namely limited (Dar), extended (Genişletilmiş), and full (Tam) insurance.

This type of insurance covers the car owner, but additional drivers must be listed on the policy to be included in the coverage.

The cost of the Kasko premium varies depending on several factors, such as the vehicle’s age, engine capacity (horsepower), Year of production and model, the type and level of insurance, and the driver’s age.

There may also be differences in pricing between insurance providers, and your location can also impact the premium amount.


Roadside Assistance Insurance in Turkey (Trafik Yol YardıM Sigortası)

If you experience a vehicle breakdown, windshield or window damage (if not covered by your primary insurance), or related legal expenses, Roadside assistance insurance can provide the necessary coverage.

However, this may require additional coverage and extra payment, depending on your insurance provider.

There are certain circumstances in which you may not be eligible for road assistance, such as:

  • Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Participating in public racing
  • Repeated incidents of the same type of accident or breakdown
  • Getting into physical altercations with third parties
  • Natural disasters, terrorism, civil war, riots, or strikes are also excluded from the coverage.


Extra Driver and Passenger Insurance in Turkey (Ekstra SürüCü Teminatı)

If you don’t have comprehensive vehicle insurance, you may consider obtaining additional (Ekstra) insurance to protect the driver and passengers from potential loss or damage, including possible loss of life.

Car Insurance Penalties and Bonuses in Turkey

Having mandatory traffic insurance is a requirement for driving on Turkey’s roads, and failure to comply can result in severe penalties, including being banned from traffic and facing legal action.

In 2022, the penalty for not having car insurance in Turkey starts at 196 lira. Vehicle owners can receive a 25% discount if they pay in advance within 15 days.

If the compulsory traffic insurance is not renewed, or the insurance policy has expired for a year, a 5% penalty will be applied for each month of delay, with a maximum penalty of 50%.

If caught without valid insurance, your car will be towed to a parking lot, and you won’t be allowed to drive until obtaining valid insurance.

In the event of an accident without insurance, you may face claims of over 1 million Turkish Lira, especially if the other party is seriously injured, disabled, or killed.

On the other hand, car insurance in Turkey offers a “no-claims bonus” or “Hasarsızlık indirimi,” which provides discounts of up to 5% on insurance premiums each year without making a claim. This discount can increase up to 60% over time.

The driver, not the vehicle, receives the claim discount, which still applies even if the driver changes their vehicle.


Selecting Car Insurance in Turkey

When deciding on car insurance in Turkey, it’s important to consider factors such as your frequency of use and the extent of your travels. Many recommend getting Kasko insurance and adding clauses for international trips.

Several insurance providers offer flexible policies, with popular choices for mandatory traffic insurance including Anadolu Sigorta, Ankara Sigorta, ERGO Sigorta, Eureko Sigorta, and Groupama Sigorta.

Additionally, banks like Garanti Bank can be a good place to compare policies and potentially receive additional perks or bonuses.

Guide to Applying for Car Insurance in Turkey

When you want to apply for car insurance in Turkey, you will typically receive a standard form to fill out.

The insurance company will respond within 15 days, and if you are not satisfied with their offer, you are free to search for other options.

If you require more time to consider, most insurance providers’ rates and conditions remain valid for 14 days.

Several insurance companies now provide translated versions of their contracts or have English websites to make the process more straightforward.

To obtain car insurance in Turkey, you will need the following documents:

  • Your vehicle registration document
  • Proof of identity (ID card or passport)
  • Proof of periodic motor vehicle inspection (similar to MOT in Turkey called “Vize”)

Filing an Insurance Claim for Your Car in Turkey

In the event of a car accident, it is essential to inform your insurance provider within five days of the incident.

To file a claim for material damage, you will be required to submit several documents, including:

  • A copy of your insurance policy (poliçe)
  • An accident report (trafik kazası tespit tutanağı)
  • Drivers’ statements or eyewitness accounts
  • A copy of the vehicle registration documents
  • Your driving license, and photographic evidence of the damage
  • Additionally, you may be asked to provide the result of a breathalyzer test (alkol raporu) if deemed necessary.

It is recommended to keep these documents organized and ready for use in case of an accident.


Canceling or Changing Your Car Insurance Provider in Turkey

In Turkey, most car insurance contracts are renewed annually upon their expiry, with the option of 3- or 6-month contracts that are usually more expensive.

Although canceling a contract typically incurs a penalty, there are certain circumstances under which cancellation is allowed, such as selling the vehicle or the insured’s death.

To cancel a contract after its expiry, written notice must be given to the provider at least three months in advance.

If you want to cancel before expiry, you may have to pay the premiums for the remaining months.


How to Lodge a Complaint Against a Car Insurance Company in Turkey

If you feel that an insurance company has not adequately compensated you for your losses or you are unhappy with their communication or services, you have the option to file a complaint with the Commission of Insurance Arbitration (Sigorta Denetleme Kurumu) or seek redress through Turkish courts.

Traffic Insurance In Turkey

Overview of Traffic Insurance for Road Vehicles in Turkey (Traffic Insurance)

Traffic insurance is a type of insurance that is required by law in Turkey and covers the legal liability of the vehicle operator for death, injury, and material damage to third parties that occur during the operation of the vehicle.

This insurance is mandatory and is in accordance with the Road Traffic Law No. 2918.

Minimum Insurance Guarantees Applied as of 01/07/2022 for Motor Vehicle Operators

A-Material4B-Health ExpenseC-Injury and Death
Vehicle Group CodeVehicle GroupPer VehiclePer AccidentPer PersonPer AccidentPer PersonPer Accident
1Car (9 seats including driver)100.000200.0001.000.0005.000.0001.000.0005.000.000
3Minibus (10-17 seats including the driver)100.000200.0001.000.00010.000.0001.000.00010.000.000
4Bus (18-30 seats including driver)100.000200.0001.000.00013.000.0001.000.00013.000.000
5Bus (seats 31 and above including driver)*100.000200.0001.000.00026.000.0001.000.00026.000.000
8Construction Machine100.000200.0001.000.00010.000.0001.000.00010.000.000
10Trailer 1100.000200.0001.000.00010.000.0001.000.00010.000.000
11Motorcycle and Cargo Motorcycle100.000200.0001.000.0003.000.0001.000.0003.000.000
13Special Purpose Vehicles 2100.000200.0001.000.0005.000.0001.000.0005.000.000
14Agricultural Machinery 3100.000200.0001.000.0005.000.0001.000.0005.000.000

The insurance coverage can be increased based on the number of passengers that the vehicle can carry (both seated and standing) as specified in the vehicle’s license.

This will be done according to the guidelines set by the Undersecretariat.

  • Trailers used for transporting people will be covered under the insurance of the motor vehicle that pulls them.
  • Motor vehicles designed for special purposes such as fire brigades, OB broadcasting and recording, libraries, and funeral vehicles will also be included.
  • Additionally, other motor agricultural vehicles, excluding tractors, will also be covered. The amount of coverage for non-vehicle assets is equal to the financial coverage per accident.