We will continue the struggle against extremism in Europe


The Turkish Justice and Development Party announced that Ankara will continue the struggle against the extreme right in Europe at the highest levels, and that it will put the issue on the agenda of the European Parliament and Council and other forums in which Ankara participates.

This came in statements by the Vice President of the Turkish Party, Ömer Çelik, to reporters on Monday in the capital, Ankara, commenting on the lead of the extreme right-wing parties in the recent European Parliament elections.

Çelik, who is the party’s spokesman, recalled that the far right gives speeches on a wide range of topics, such as hostility towards Turkey, Islam, the European Union, and democracy.

He pointed out that the extreme right may bring Europe face to face with some of the conflicts of the past, stressing that this constitutes a great danger.


The Turkish official pointed out that the extreme right in Europe has a big agenda regarding hostility towards Islam and Turkey.

He explained that those who believe in the values ​​of human rights and democracy and who defend basic political, legal and humanitarian values ​​need to struggle together against the extreme right.

Çelik stressed that Turkey will continue its struggle against the extreme right in the basic mechanisms in which it participates, especially the European Council and the European Parliament.

He said that the AKP will continue to strive to struggle together by meeting with all parties in Europe with which it can cooperate on this issue.

Extremist right-wing parties have recently achieved significant gains in the European Parliament elections, rising to the top positions, especially in France, Italy, and Austria, according to preliminary results and polls.