Saint Antuan Church in Istanbul, the splendor of Catholic architecture


When you walk on the famous Istiklal Street in Istanbul, you will see many shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, but in the heart of this street, located in Beyoglu district, there is the Saint Antuan Church, also known as Antonio de Padova.

This Catholic Church contains a large, long hall, and was once the largest Catholic Church in Istanbul during the Roman Empire.

The original building of the church was built in 1725, but in the early years of the twentieth century, from 1906 to 1912, the church was rebuilt again. Within an architectural style called “New Gothic”, that was designed by Italian engineers.

It is mentioned that this church received Pope John XXIII (Pope of the Vatican from 1958 until his death in 1963) as the official ambassador of the church for 10 years before he was elected Pope. He is a native of Italy, also known as the “Turkish Pope” because of his love for Turkey and the city of Istanbul.

Architecture of Saint Antuan Church in Istanbul

  • The church’s exterior is beautifully decorated with red bricks, and it has three entrances in addition to the main entrance, which is the only entrance currently open.
  • The round windows with white frames and stained glass give a very beautiful look to the church building. The paintings of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary can be seen above the entrance doors.
  • Inside the Church of San Antonio, you can see a statue of Saint Antuan built on a rock.
  • The statue was rebuilt in 2003 when Pope John Paul II visited Istanbul.
  • Inside the church you will also find attractive lighting created by glass and sunlight.
  • The floor of the church is also covered with beautiful stones.
  • Inside the building you will also see old wooden sculptures as well as old and beautiful mosaics.

When you enter the saint Antuan church, you will see dozens of large candles on the left and right sides of the church. Where people come to the church with candles to help light the church as much as possible.

Guests and visitors can sit in the backyard of the church and watch some ceremonies in the front sections. In the church garden, everyone can listen to the music performed during the celebrations.

The statue of the heart of Jesus Christ dazzles every visitor in Saint Antuan church. It is protected behind the glass. There are also beautiful decorative shrubs that tell the story of the childhood of Jesus, and on the walls of the church are pictures of Jesus, as well as a statue of His Holiness crucified 26 meters above the ground.

How to get to Saint Antuan Church

As we mentioned, this church is located on Istiklal Street. The beginning of this street in Taksim Square. You can go down in Taksim Square and after about a 3 minutes’ walk you will see the Saint Antuan Church to your left.

Due to the fact that the church is located in Istiklal Street, you can visit the church during the rush hours of shopping, then enjoy the cafes and restaurants around this church and spend a wonderful day within your tour in Istanbul.