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What is the message of the US Deputy Secretary of State’s visit to Turkey?

In a hypothetical meeting with US businessmen, Erdogan said that despite the US president’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide, his upcoming talks...

What is the goal of Erdogan’s supporters in discussing withdrawal from NATO?

The National Movement Party leader called on Erdogan's government to seriously consider the issue of Turkey's withdrawal from the NATO military alliance.

Life in Turkish Cyprus – All you need to know about life in Northern...

Northern Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, the country is under Turkish rule and is located in the northern...

What does Turkey mean with a joint military force to Palestine?

Some Turkish media covered the statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister, as if he proposed the establishment of a joint military force...

Cavusoglu Visit to Saudi Arabia – Is Turkey’s Regional Policy Actually Working?

According to international news agencies, the quiet visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to Saudi Arabia is an important event that...

Life in Mersin – Is Mersin a good place to live in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best countries in the world with a population of 73 million people of different races and races.

Turkish E-Government (E-devlet) | All you need to know about this website

In a world where technology is developing day by day, and with the end of the second millennium and the beginning of...

What is Turkey looking for in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia?

Turkey continues its relations with Ukraine and its cooperation with this country more than before, because Ukraine is not only a neighbor...

Turkish-Greek relations – what are the problems to be solved?

Tensions over the continental shelf and borders were the main differences between Turkey and Greece, but now a series of new problems...

How to find a good lawyer in Turkey – all you need to know

Regardless of which country you are traveling in or which country you plan to live in, one of the most important things...

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