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Christmas in Istanbul

Christmas in Istanbul – How does it look like – New Year in Turkey

It's Istanbul and its busy nights! Undoubtedly, most of Istanbul's popularity is due to its tourist attractions, which made it famous and...

Buying souvenirs at a low price in Istanbul, Turkey

The beautiful country of Turkey is one of the Asian/European countries that is very popular among foreign tourists, due to its tourist...
live in Bodrum

How Good is it to live in Bodrum? Life in a touristy city

Have you ever wondered about the quality of life in Bodrum, Turkey? And how to live in the Turkish tourist cities in...

Medical services in Turkey for Turks and foreign residents

Healthcare in Turkey is governed by a central government system managed by the Ministry of Health, and in 2003, the government introduced...

Bills in Turkey .. The monthly cost of living in Turkey

In this article, we will look at the monthly cost of living that must be paid if you live in Turkey, in...

Is it possible to go Hunting in Turkey – All you need to know

The geographical structure, plants and wildlife in Turkey have attracted many foreign tourists who went hunting from all over the world, and...

Times in Turkish language and official holidays in Turkey 2021

Turkey has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for many years, and the Turkish calendar is based on the Gregorian...
Life in Trabzon, Is Trabzon a good place to live in?

Life in Trabzon, Is Trabzon a good place to live in?

Trabzon, historically known as Trabzon;  It is a city located on the Black Sea, in northeastern Turkey and the...
Black Friday in Turkey - How to get the best deals

Black Friday in Turkey – How to get the best deals

Maybe if you mentioned Black Friday a few years ago, those around you would have been surprised and unaware of it. But...

In Details: Registering a phone in Turkey

According to the policies of the Ministry of Communications as well as the Turkish customs, all communication and telecommunications tools and devices,...

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