A Turkish university discusses the future of international law


The Turkish University of Boğaziçi intends to organize a symposium next August to discuss the future of international law and its impact on Israel’s war on Gaza.

The university stated in a statement that the Faculty of Law will host the symposium entitled “Reconsidering International Law after Gaza” on August 3 and 4.

The statement stated that the symposium, in which former UN rapporteurs will participate, will discuss the role of international law in achieving justice through a critical approach.

It added that former United Nations Special Rapporteurs on Palestine Richard Falk and Michael Lynk will be among the speakers at the symposium in which world-famous academics will participate.

The symposium coordinator, lecturer at the university’s Faculty of Law, Hassan Basri Bulbul, said, “The failure of the international system to carry out its mission to ensure world peace, protect human rights, and provide solutions in the face of violations makes the function of international law in ensuring justice into question.”

He pointed out that they aim to better evaluate proposals for developing international law and protecting human rights through broad participation in the symposium, which includes more than 100 jurists from various countries of the world.