Video: Istiklal Street, the beating heart of Istanbul


When it comes to the name of Istanbul, we often remember the excitement of Istiklal Street, which is a major factor that makes many travelers want to visit Istanbul every year.

And when talking about Istanbul, we must talk about Istiklal Street, that bustling street that comes to life in all its corners and which embodies Istanbul’s indescribable excitement.

Galata Tower

The street extends 1.5 km, starting from the famous Taksim Square, to the well-known Galata Tower, and this street requires at least one day to get to know it in detail. Within a charming tour of famous shops and historical monuments such as churches and wonderful mosques.

As mentioned above, Istanbul’s Istiklal Street is one of the busiest streets in the city, with millions passing through it daily. Colorful shops and large restaurants are located on both sides of the street, as well as many historical attractions. The buildings on this street date back to the Ottoman era. Where the sheikhs, intellectuals and the rich lived in this street.

And if you want to visualize the true feeling of walking in this street, imagine the squares filled with the smell of grilled corn and the music being played around. And don’t forget the famous red tram passing by you, as a postage stamp brought to life.

A brief history of Istiklal Street in Istanbul

The elders, the educated and the wealthy lived on this street. The street name was changed to Istiklal (Independence) Street after the Turkish war that led to the country’s independence, and in the 1990s. Istanbul’s local council decided to do something for the street and renovate it, spending millions of dollars to make it look as attractive and impressive as it is today.

Visiting churches, mosques and shrines

If you are interested in religious monuments, you will definitely love Sunday Spiritual Tour, as you can visit the most important churches, mosques and places of worship on Istiklal Street and adjacent neighborhoods.

There are a few churches in Istanbul, but the largest and best is the St. Antuan Church. You will see charming architecture inside the church. Which is a place of worship for Christians who live in the Islamic State in Turkey.

St. Anthony of Padua Church

Other historical sites that can be visited in Istanbul’s Istiklal Street include the Armenian Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, Molavi Galata House, the Crimean Memorial Church and the Jewish Synagogue.

Shopping in Istiklal Street:

It is very easy in this street to find anything you want like clothes, decor, sportswear, perfumes, etc.

However, many of these stores are global brand stores, so you cannot bargain for discounts.

You can also go to the local shopkeepers who sit on either side of the street, drinking tea and talking to you about the price you want to pay. You are in Istanbul, and this is the traditional way to bargain here!

The red tram

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Art galleries on this street!

In the back alleys of Istiklal Street, there are numerous art galleries such as the Prague Museum, which houses one of the most expensive paintings in Turkey. In addition to small exhibitions in the Galata region, it contains the works of Turkish and international artists.

If you are interested in artwork but don’t want to go to galleries, try out street signs. In some parts of Istanbul, works of Istanbul’s most famous artists are shown as street graphics.

Art Gallery

Çiçek Pass or Flower Pass

There is a corridor in Istiklal Street in Istanbul called Çicçek or Flower Pass, which is a famous historical site that contains many cafes and restaurants. This corridor was a theater hall destroyed by fire. After the Russian Revolution in 1917, formerly wealthy Russian women sold flowers there, and later was called the Flower pass. The corridor features unique architecture, and you can walk beside the arch in the shape of a dome and drink a cup of coffee.

Istiklal Street nights in Istanbul

Istiklal Street is located in the Beyöğlü District, and you can be completely confident that you will never see it quiet, endless exciting nightlife, festivals, cafes and restaurants where you can find all your local and international dishes. In short, you will live an experience like no other.

Music in Istiklal Street

Delicious food in Istiklal Street

There are many entertainment options on Istiklal Street in Istanbul. Perhaps the most exciting of these options is the food you can find there, including stuffed mussels and famous pastries in the street.

One of the most famous restaurants in Istiklal Street is Amadina (the city) restaurant, it is one of the best restaurants in Istiklal Street in Istanbul where you can taste delicious food.

Taksim Square

It means “division” in Turkish. It is a large square in central Istanbul and one of the busiest and lively squares in the city, and it is a popular square among locals and tourists alike.


It is located in the center of Taksim Square, the statue of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Ismet Inonu, one of the Turkish revolutionary leaders, was built on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic, from the work of the famous Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica.

Cultural Center

In Taksim Square in Istanbul you’ll find the Ataturk Cultural Center, which is one of the most important and largest cultural centers in the city, a multi-purpose center and an opera house, and one of the most prominent examples of Turkish architecture since the 1990s.

Istiklal Street

The center offers all theatrical performances and opera performances with the conductor of the orchestra, choir, folk music and a variety of festivals and summer celebrations, in addition to many art galleries in the center.