Turkey is the first in Europe to produce hydroelectric power


Turkey ranked first on the European continent in producing hydroelectric power after the stations it established began operating and producing last year.

According to data from the “Hydropower Outlook 2024” report issued by the International Hydropower Association (IHA), Turkey advanced in 2023 from third place to first place in Europe after increasing hydropower production by 399 megawatts from 558 megawatts in 2022.​​​​​​​

Turkey attaches great importance to reducing its dependence on energy sources imported from abroad and meeting its needs from local sources.

It is increasingly focusing on renewable energy sources, as hydroelectric power plants are considered highly efficient, long-lasting and preferred around the world for their clean energy production.

According to the report’s data, last year the world produced 4,185 terawatt-hours of electricity in these stations.

Of the total production, the Asia-Pacific region produces 1,503 terawatts, then South America produces 728 terawatts, and the Central and North America region produces 645 terawatts.

The year 2023 recorded an increase in energy production by hydroelectric stations worldwide at a rate of 13,700 megawatts compared to 2022.

China ranks first in the world in terms of installed hydropower capacity with 421,000 megawatts.