Losing the Turkish residence card and the necessary steps to get it back!


If you happen to lose your Turkish residence card (Kimlik) while in Turkey, what actions should you take? What paperwork is required to obtain a replacement? What is the expense of obtaining a replacement?

This article will provide answers to these inquiries, as well as an overview of losing your Turkish residence card (Kimlik) and the procedures and fees for obtaining a new one.

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Lost Turkish residence card (Kimlik) – procedures and costs for reissuance

Initially, you need to visit the police station in your area and file a theft report, following which you will receive a report from the police.

Subsequently, you should proceed to the Turkish Immigration Office, where you will be required to pay a fee equivalent to half of the soil fee, which is $40, in addition to the expenses related to the issuance of a fresh card, which is 356 lira.


Necessary documents for the reissuance of Kimlik card

  • Biometric photo
  • Deposit slips (soil fee and card issuance)
  • Passport
  • Proof of residence (to have a new card sent to your address)

Apart from the details mentioned earlier, it is crucial to understand that you hold the responsibility for ensuring the safety and protection of your residence card constantly.

Misplacing your residence card can create a plethora of complications such as challenges in accessing vital services, legal entanglements, and probable disruptions in your travel arrangements.

Tips for safeguarding your Turkish residency card (Kimlik)

To prevent the misplacement of your Turkish residence card in the future, here are some essential measures that you should consider:

  • Always ensure that your residence card is kept in a secure and safe place.
  • Create a duplicate copy of your residence card and store it separately in a secure location.
  • If you change your address, update the details with the relevant provincial immigration office to ensure that all communications concerning your residence card are directed to your current address.
  • Remember that your residence card is a crucial document that enables you to legally reside in Turkey. Thus, it is vital to take appropriate measures to safeguard it and prevent it from getting lost.

In summary, the process of losing your Turkish residence card can be stressful and time-consuming. However, you can minimize potential difficulties by following the necessary precautions to avoid losing it and promptly reporting any loss or theft.