Exotic entertainment in Istanbul that you must try


Istanbul is a beautiful and vibrant city that many tourists from all over the world choose as a travel destination for them every year, as many tourists travel to this dream city from different countries of the world.

Also, some people prefer to try strange and different entertainment means or are looking for new and distinctive entertainment means.


If you are one of those people, join us at Move 2 Turkey to introduce you to the best exotic entertainment means in Istanbul.

As you know, Istanbul is full of historical monuments, ancient and multiple civilizations and cultures.

At the same time permeating the features of the modern world and forming an interesting contrast between tradition and modernity.

From boating on the Bosphorus to exploring the street arts in the Asian side of the city.

It is Istanbul’s quirky and exotix entertainment that we will explain below.

1- Visit Trotsky’s house in Buyukada

Leon Trotsky was one of the Bolshevik revolutionary thinkers in Russia, in the early years of the Soviet Union.

He was an influential figure and was elected People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs.

Then he founded the Soviet Red Army and became its commander.

In the 1920s, there was a disagreement between Trotsky and Lenin over how to run the government, which ultimately led to his deportation from the Soviet Union.


Between 1929 and 1939, Leon lived in a beautiful house in Buyukada (on the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul), his biography and history of the Russian Revolution are written in this house.

This house has been a part of nature for many years due to its lack of use.

And today visiting this house is one of the most exotic forms of entertainment in Istanbul.

If you are interested in knowing Trotsky’s fate.

After Turkey, he went to Mexico City and in 1940 hosted a young man as a guest, and that very same man killed him by stabbing him in the neck.

He denied any connection to the Soviet Union at the time, but was awarded the country’s highest award after serving his sentence and returning to the Soviet Union.

2- Sailing the Golden Horn

One of the most famous and exotic entertainment in Istanbul is sailing the Golden Horn Bay, also known as Haliç in Turkish, which is the place that divides the European part of Istanbul into two.

It is named (The Golden Horn) because the bay turns golden for two or three minutes during sunset, and if you look at the bay from above, it resembles a bull’s horn.

Boating in the Golden Horn bay is an enjoyable experience and to try it you need to book the boat trips with an instructor in the early morning.


Of course, entertainment here also includes walking along the bay, as the surrounding streets are full of restaurants and shops where you can have some really good time.

It dates back to the Byzantine and Ottoman times, and in the past the bay was used as a stopover for merchant ships and naval vessels.

Thousands of years have passed since then and the bay is still used to trade ships.

3- Walk on the ancient city walls

Like most ancient cities, the Empire’s walls in Istanbul were supported by building a wall around it.

These walls were built during the reign of Theodosius II in the 5th century AD.

Walking on these walls could be one of Istanbul’s most interesting and exotic entertainment.

We suggest that you start your journey from the Yedikule Castle and walk along the wall to reach the outskirts of the city.

Yedikule Castle is an ancient castle built in the Fatih district of Istanbul, Turkey.

This building was built in 1458 AD and was the residence of Bab Aali and also a prison for some time.

The castle is located in the southern part of the walls of Constantinople.


The walls, originally built by order of Constantine the Great, surrounded the city from all sides and protected it from land and sea attacks.

In the fifth century AD, when the city began to expand, the two-row walls of Theodosius were built.

Although the other sections were not as strong as these walls, they became impenetrable by any besieged of the Middle Ages by guarding enough numbers Of men.

The walls of Constantinople protected the city of Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire during the siege of the Avars (people of the Northeast Caucasus), Arabs, Russians, and Bulgarians.

Later with the construction of the cannons, the wall was destroyed and Constantinople fell.

4- City tour on an old motorbike

If you like old motorcycles, this tour of Istanbul’s exotic entertainment is a good choice for you.

As the locals organize these tours, they put a helmet, other safety equipment and a camera for you.

Keep in mind that the engine on these motorcycles belongs to World War II.

5- Discover street art in the Asian side

Street art in Istanbul has grown significantly in the last few years, especially after the Istanbul Mural Art Festival.

At the festival, Turkish and international artists displayed their art on the walls of buildings in the Kadikoy district in Istanbul, and turned the entire street into a large art gallery, as you will see a different work in every corner of it.


No More Lie is a pseudonym for an artist who started painting at a young age but eventually turned to mural painting, depicting most of the animals and politicians in Turkey and internationally.

He generally depicts strange creatures and monsters in his works.

Observing his actions, it is as if we have entered into a nightmare.

Lacormes was one of the few painters present at the festival, using warm colors in her work. Lacormes’s murals are distinguished from other artists by their feminine elements.

6- A trip to the beach of Burgazada

The Princes’ Islands is one of the most popular swimming destinations in summer.

One of its advantages is that cars are prohibited from entering the island, and bicycles are rented everywhere.

Burgazada Beach is one of the lesser known islands and has an ideal beach for relaxation.

Some prefer to bask in the sun, while others choose to swim in the warm water of the area.

On your way to the beach, you can see historic churches nestled in greenery, so be sure to check the passenger ships’ schedule before heading to the island.

7- Take a nice bath in Istanbul

Hammam visit is another way of exotic entertainment in Istanbul.

Baths in this city are different and each has its own characteristics.

Most of the Turkish baths date back to the Ottoman era.


And in recent years, many of Istanbul’s traditional and historical baths have been renovated and their facilities modernized to provide travelers with an unforgettable Turkish bath experience.

Of course, this fun experience amidst steam, foam and soap is a bit pricey, and spending a few hours in one of these luxurious and historic baths can cost you more than a day wandering around the entire city.

They cost around 200-300 liras, but not all Turkish baths are very expensive, and there are some that are moderately to low.

8- Collect mushrooms in Belgrade Forest

If you are a nature lover and you wish to have the most exotic entertainment in Istanbul, go to the Belgrade Forest, which is located 15 km northwest of the city.

During the period of the Ottoman Empire, the area of ​​this forest was about 13,000 hectares, and unfortunately the area of ​​this forest has been reduced to 5442 hectares today.

But those who come to Belgrade for the first time are still surprised to see the vast forest and tall ancient trees.

This forest has historically been of great importance to the city’s water supply, as the water is directed into the city from the many springs and rivers in the forest.


As time passed and demand increased, a dam was built in the forest.

During the Ottoman rule, only foreigners could visit the forest until the first picnic area was opened in 1956.

Today 7 different areas have been established for day trips.

This forest is also famous for mushrooms and many people collect mushrooms in it.

Of course, be sure to note that some mushrooms are poisonous and almost impossible to distinguish from edible ones.

A mycologist named (Jilber Barutçiyan) organizes regular tours in the spring where you can search for these delicious plants during the growing season.

9- Ottoman jewelry workshop in the Grand Bazaar

In the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul there are many beautiful gems for sale, but tourists can learn to make them themselves.

All you have to do is visit this workshop to learn jewelry making in a few hours and create your own masterpiece!

Each class has a maximum of 4 people and a duration of 3 hours.

This is completely different from the strange entertainment in Istanbul and it is a good choice for those who are interested in jewelry.

10- Miniaturk Park

Miniaturk Park is one of Istanbul’s quaint entertainment that can be very fun for children, as hundreds of small historical monuments have been built here and next to each other.

By going to it, if you don’t have enough time, you can go to Miniaturk instead of visiting all of Istanbul’s tourist attractions, as it is full of miniature replicas of the most famous attractions of the city.


Miniaturk was opened in 2003 with an area of ​​60,000 square meters and includes model areas, green spaces, indoor space, swimming pool and parking.

Miniaturk Park is located in Sotluce district, northeast of the Golden Horn Bay, and you can easily get there simply by taking public buses to Taksim Square.

The park is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm and you have to pay 20 Turkish liras to enter it.