Apple Store in Istanbul – A Unique Architecture of a Great Design


The Apple Store in Istanbul, Turkey was opened in 2014, and it has become an all-round attractive architectural masterpiece due to its unique glass design that gets your attention.


The Apple store in Istanbul is an integral masterpiece of art and creativity with its simple and charming designs at the same time that Apple is distinguished by.

Apple stores have always been distinguished by simple designs that give the customer a sense of luxury, as the design of this store was chosen as the best structural engineering design by the Civil Engineers community, where the Apple store in Istanbul won the highest prize at the 2014 awards ceremony for architecture.

According to the organizers of the competition, the Apple Store Zorlu Center was named the Best retail store structure in 2014, which is also called the best successful example of engineering design.

The design of the Apple store in Istanbul

The store was designed and built by the famous British architect Norman Foster. (Foster Group), in cooperation with Eckersley O’Callaghan’s engineering team.

At first glance, this store will make everything very simple. But there are many subtle details in the work that are not dazzling.

These designs were created according to Apple’s design policy and guidelines, which are evident in all of the company’s stores around the world.

The store is a glass cube that protrudes in the middle of the mall, its sides are made of glass, to make the most of the natural sunlight in the shopping center.

The store consists of two floors, and at the top there is a glass void through which you can see the inscription of the Apple logo on the store ceiling, which can be clearly seen from the buildings surrounding the Zorlu Center, and one of the most prominent features of the interior design of Apple is the flawless and excellent finishing.


It is worth noting that the glass in the storefront of the two-storey store is a one-piece glass, about 7 meters high, which is very special. Because glass in these dimensions is extremely rare and difficult to transport and manufacture.

The stairs were also created from a very thick laminated glass, which gives this Apple store in Istanbul a distinct identity differentiating it from other famous company stores around the world.

The store opened in 2014 in the presence of Steve Cano, director of Apple’s retail store at the time, and the store won two prestigious awards: “The Best Balance for Structural Engineering Award” and the “Best Store Design Award” at the 2014 Awards.


Apple Store Location in Istanbul

The first Apple store in Turkey, is located in the Zorlu Center shopping mall in the popular Besiktas district, central Istanbul.

Zorlu center is distinguished as one of the most luxurious malls in the city, which contains the most luxurious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Bvlgari, Dior…

How to Go to the Apple Store in Istanbul

The Zorlu Center Shopping Mall where the Apple store is located can be easily reached via the Istanbul metro line at Gayrettepe Station, or through the Istanbul Metrobus line at Zincerliköy Station.