Smart Bikes in Istanbul – All You Need to Know


Istanbul City Council, ISPARK launched a project in 2013 to use smart bikes in Istanbul called İSBİKE. That has been working in various parts of the city since then.

The company holds the slogan of healthy life and green transportation. As the aim is to reduce traffic, sports, community health, reduce greenhouse gases, air pollution, etc.

The first smart bike station was established on the famous coastal road Bostancı – Kartal. Gradually, the number of stations increased to 38 stations in the Asian part of Istanbul with 380 smart bikes, 102 stations in the European part of the city with a total of 1120 smart bikes.

The smart bike and the health of the community

In addition to encouraging people and society to use sport as a means of transportation and exercise, smart bikes in Istanbul aim to reduce fuel consumption, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the city.

For this reason, the İSBİKE project has been very well received by environmentalists.

In addition, those who used to ride their personal bikes in the city, are no longer worried about finding a safe position to park their bikes. As they can also use these smart bikes with ease.

How to use the smart bikes in Istanbul

To use these smart bikes, you need a credit card. Where you can obtain the password through the devices located at the smart bike parking, if you do not have a credit card, you can easily obtain a credit card by opening a bank account in one of the Turkish banks.

You also need an active SIM card on your phone to use these bikes.

You can also use smart bikes in Istanbul through your smartphone, using the Isbike application on the App Store and Google Play, you can easily get a password, to use it on the locks next to the bike. The bike lock opens and you can start using it.

You can charge your account with the amount you need through the application. The location of the available stations is also displayed through the map in the application.

The cost of using smart bikes in Istanbul

Initial cost is 23 Turkish lira for a regular subscription and 70 Turkish lira for a private subscription. In a regular subscription, you will be able to use the smart bike for free during the first five minutes. In the case of a private subscription, the first half hour is free.

If you use a credit card, the initial amount of 50 liras will be deducted from your account. If you use the bicycles for less than this amount, the remaining amount will be returned to your account within two to 7 days.

Hourly bicycle cost:

  • One hour, about 4 liras.
  • One to two hours from 5 to 6 liras.
  • From two to three hours from 7 to 8 liras.
  • More than 3 hours, 5 liras an hour.

Important points for the use of smart bikes in Istanbul

  • Before using a bike, check the safety of wheels, brakes, seat etc. You can change the bike for up to 5 minutes after taking it.
  • Sometimes the password you enter on the device may not work and the lock may not open. Don’t worry and try the password on another device.
  • You can also deliver the bike to any other station.
  • Make sure the bike is locked so that you don’t have to pay more.