Amazon in Turkey – The Complete story of the giant E-store


Amazon is one of the world’s biggest e-commerce companies.

The company’s arrival in Turkey is also one of the beneficial events for the two parties, and on the other hand, Turkey is a very good market for this company.

Amazon can enter the Middle East and Asia as well, by entering Turkey.

It also benefits from it to make big profits from this country, and as a result, small businesses in Turkey are thriving enormously.

So many people can get the goods they need at the lowest price in the shortest time.

So follow our article that will inform you more about all your questions about the presence of Amazon in Turkey.

Amazon’s arrival in Turkey

Amazon surveyed the market, and found that a large number of this site’s users are buying their products from Turkey.

So based on this result and some other studies, market analysts estimated that a branch could be opened in Turkey.

And that by entering Turkey, and from it the Amazon would form a bridge between Asia and Europe.

In August 2016, Amazon entered the Turkish online marketplace.

Amazon Turkey is also affiliated with Amazon’s European subsidiary, and 15 sets of products have been offered to users in this country.

Amazon official Sam Nichols said in a statement:

(We want our business to grow and flourish in Turkey, and we hope to be able to choose and send the items our users need in the coming years).

He said that they intend to offer a wide range of Turkish and international branded goods and products.

While trying to serve people who live in Turkey with low prices and reliable quality.

These 15 groups of goods for Turkey include books and electronics.

In addition to household appliances, sports equipment, mountaineering, baby gear and games.

Amazon also serves about 80 million people in Turkey, which would be of great benefit to Amazon given the growth of the Turkish economy.

Why did Amazon enter Turkey specifically ?

Thanks to Istanbul, Turkey is now known as a European country.

Although most of Turkey is located in Asia and is formally protected, it has also benefited from the advantages of being a European country as well.

And also due to Turkey’s ideal location, and the absence of some restrictions due to its presence in Europe.

All these reasons made Amazon choose Turkey as the strategic hub for its presence in Asia, especially Central Asia.

The development process of Amazon Turkey is still underway, and every time we see an increase in the diversity of goods and services.

Certainly, Amazon’s first goal is to complete services in this country, and then provide services to other countries through Turkey.

Amazon website activity in Turkey

With the increasing use of the internet in daily life, online shopping in Turkey has also made great progress.

So if you are planning to immigrate to Turkey, it is better to get to know the e-commerce giants in this country, especially that Amazon is one of the most important ones in this country.

Amazon product categories in Turkey

When Amazon launched its Turkish subsidiary, it served Turkish consumers in fifteen branches and industries.

Now, it has launched other branches, such as selling a variety of books, electronic products and equipment.

In addition to various practical tools, and baby care items, play equipment, etc.

Each of these products is very diverse, according to the desires of the sellers.

It might be interesting to know something general about Amazon Turkey.

And that is, Amazon in Turkey is the first and only European online marketplace to be established outside the European Union.

Amazon has also refused to offer some products due to internal and external restrictions in Turkey.

However, it has provided a rich category of products and general requirements, Amazon Turkey categories are as follows:

  • Baby and mother items.
  • Electronic equipment.
  • Men’s and women’s clothing.
  • Children’s clothing.
  • Miscellaneous books.
  • Books and stationery.
  • Office and industrial products.
  • Gaming products.
  • Various gift products.

Of course, Amazon in Turkey has increased the categories and diversification of products, as soon we will see more diverse and practical categories of Amazon Turkey.

However, general daily and individual needs are provided through this website, which has made it possible for everyone to purchase at a reasonable price.

The role and importance of the presence of Amazon in Turkey

Alpagut Cilingir, Amazon Turkey Sales Service Manager, believes the following.

And is that this type of service on Amazon Turkey is able to create an interface between small and large companies.

In addition to the importance of creating more strength and developing local and regional businesses.

In addition to contributing to its prosperity every day in the field of Internet Marketing in Turkey.

What Amazon has reached in Turkey today?

At the moment, the Amazon store website in Turkey has managed to provide services to eighty million people.

And given the economic growth in Turkey (it has increased drastically within a few years).

According to data obtained by the Turkish Technology Association named TÜBISAD.

In 2017, Turkey’s online retail market was valued roughly equivalent to 37% of increased profits.

It is estimated at 42 billion Turkish liras, or $ 6.72 billion.

It also appears that Amazon will keep on growing and outperform its European counterparts.

Also, the purpose of the Amazon website is to increase and expand businesses and companies in their online marketplace.

Turkey is one of the best options for the giant Amazon store.

Amazon Turkey has been able to add new businesses to the Amazon marketplace, which is instrumental in regional prosperity.

Amazon’s early problems in Turkey

When the big Amazon store arrived in Turkey, it was very welcome with great discounts and exciting deals.

Especially during the opening period of this website that made many special sales.

But it wasn’t long before the joy of Amazon entering Turkey began to bitter buyers.

In the beginning, there were problems that hindered the functioning of Amazon Turkey.

These were issues such as immediate price changes or cancellation of orders that were fully processed after completing the purchase.

Also, there were issues with the Amazon system algorithm in Turkey.

Special and regular rates were also incorrectly recorded during processing.

All these reasons that confronted the website system have worried many buyers.

Reports of such complaints have also increased in Amazon Turkey.

Amazon in the early days was not able to solve these problems.

But of course, these cases were corrected within the site in a short time.

Step by step, how to buy from Amazon in Turkey ?

The process of buying from Amazon Turkey has been simplified and facilitated according to the online shopping routine.

However, there are points that you must follow while shopping so that there is no problem for your shipment from the site.

The first step : Create an account in the Amazon Turkey website

In order to be able to buy goods directly from Amazon Turkey, you need to create an account on this site:

The process of creating an account is very simple, you just have to log in, go to create an account and enter the required information.

Finally, your account number or email will be activated and you will be able to purchase from Amazon Turkey.

By creating an account in Amazon Turkey, you can make a secure purchase from a large online marketplace.

In addition to a very diverse range of goods at reasonable prices.

and don’t forget the advertising auctions and special discounts within the site.

The second step : Choose the product you wish to buy

To find the product you need, you can find your product at the top of the website’s page in the search box.

Plus, Amazon has the ability to filter.

By identifying the options you have in mind, you can do your research work in a limited way.

Also, you can get a more accurate purchase and be satisfied with your choice.

This is done through careful study of product and seller specifications, and comments made by previous users.

After registering and comprehensively reviewing the product you selected, you need to add the desired product to the shopping cart to enable the final purchase.

After choosing the finished product, you can pay and take delivery of the goods.

In this process, the site will ask you for the address, phone number and email.

So you need to complete the information completely and accurately.

Important note :

Another point to consider when buying from online stores.

Namely, after choosing the product in terms of material, type, color, etc., you need to accurately record its number.

For example, they might mention a product that only has two, so there are two issues here.

The first is to finish your order faster, and make the purchase so that the product you want does not expire.

The second is that you may need two quantities of the product, so in the event of a mistake or in case the number is not registered, a number will be sent to you.

Also keep in mind that it is possible that the product you will purchase needs additional explanation.

You should make sure to enter it in the relevant form and discuss it with the seller.

The third step : Payment and final purchase of the product

Finally enter the payment page after filling out the relevant forms to pay the final cost of the products.

You can use all kinds of payment methods available on Amazon.

On the other hand, once the purchase is completed and a tracking number is received, you will have the opportunity to use this code to continue the transportation and delivery of goods.

Payment method on Amazon store in Turkey :

There is a bank and credit card payment option to pay for merchandise on Amazon.

Therefore, paying on Amazon Turkey requires a bank account in Turkey.

Customers can pay for goods by entering bank details or a bank card.

Customers can also shop with Amazon gift cards.

Plus, you can use the two-month, three-month, and six-month installments option to purchase some Amazon merchandise.

This is if you choose to stay in Turkey, depending on the type and price of the goods.

Additionally, users with an active international account can pay through it, but these payment procedures are not possible for regular users!

The simplest payment method for regular users who intend to buy items from Amazon Turkey is to use a PayPal, MasterCard or Visa card account.

The use of these electronic payment procedures allows users to shop quickly, safely and easily.

As on Papara sites, you can apply for MasterCard or Visa credit cards.  You will also find experts with you on Paypal online.

What are the shipping procedures for Amazon in Turkey ?

As Amazon is the largest online store in the world, Amazon has made great efforts to innovate and facilitate the shipping process in Turkey and the world.

For example, in some parts of the United States, products are being dispatched with drones.

This provides fast and accurate delivery to buyers! In Turkey, this procedure is performed by the official post office.

Advantages of buying from the Amazon website in Turkey

The possibility of returning goods from the Amazon website in turkey :

If you refuse to buy the product or decide to change the type of product, this is easily possible on Amazon Turkey.

In addition, this site provides users with full product specifications, price, how to buy, pay and send.

And even seller information so that they can get a more accurate choice in time using filters.

Accuracy and confidentiality on the site :

On the other hand on Amazon Turkey, all goods are registered in a confidential manner.

This is so you can define your product in a group, and then achieve the details of the product you are considering by creating the appropriate filters.

For example, if you decide to purchase a bag, the first step would be ranking a website.

You can select the group you want, and then filter the items you want, for example gender, color and size.

Thus, in the shortest time, you can see the offers of many different brands and stores for what you want.

Available offers and points to subscribers of the Amazon website in Turkey :

Also, keep in mind that Amazon Turkey offers auctions and discounts for special occasions.

This is like the main Amazon website, which offers great prices.

Amazon in Turkey and the main site will also give you points, and this is if you are a member of the Amazon store site.

One of the advantages of buying from the Amazon website in Turkey is that all the sellers on the site have points.

And when choosing a product, you can see the seller’s score, as well as the comments and reviews of previous buyers, which are also valid.

So this can greatly help you in your selection.

Fast and perfect delivery of goods from Amazon in Turkey :

By immigrating to Turkey, you can also take advantage of the fast and perfect delivery service from Amazon in Turkey.

Amazon now delivers goods in Turkey in two ways, standard and immediate delivery.

In standard delivery in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Bursa, the goods will be delivered to the customer within 2-3 days.

As for other cities, standard delivery takes place within 3-5 working days.

For rural areas, a standard delivery may take three to seven business days.

Where the standard delivery fee is 4.90 Turkish Liras, and it is not charged in the case of orders over 100 Turkish Liras.

However, applications over 50 liras were also exempt from postage.

This is about the package related to the opening of the Amazon website in Turkey by the end of 2018.

Immediate or express delivery to the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa within one working day.

For other cities, immediate delivery takes place within two working days.

Where there are immediate shipments on weekends and holidays, and immediate delivery at 7.90 TL.

Affordable Buying from Amazon Turkey :

Until now, due to the difference between the exchange rate and Turkish tax laws, it was cheaper for Turkish customers to buy from Amazon abroad.

But now with the presence of Amazon within Turkey, this difference in price and economic efficiency is more evident.

Amazon’s goal is to be the leader in e-commerce in Turkey.

Which has a reasonable price advantage, and offers the best price compared to its competitors.

So this increased competition in e-commerce in Turkey led to other competitors.

By offering lower prices and more profitable companies to customers in Turkey.

Amazon’s Satisfy customers in Turkey:

Amazon’s transformation into a giant global e-commerce site is undoubtedly related to customer satisfaction, and this is what the company attaches great importance to.

In this way, Amazon immediately pays the relevant cost without delay and without involving the customer in any process.

This is in the event that there is a defect in the delivery of the goods or in the goods themselves.

Also, returning goods and money is not the only advantage of this company.

Amazon is looking to develop e-commerce standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

And also the status of customer demand in Turkey for the required product from European or American markets and foreign Amazon websites.

As the company is ready to deliver the required product to its customers at the lowest shipping costs or customs duties.

All this from Amazon Turkey website with the goal of satisfying its customers.

In addition to another Amazon service, Prime Wardrobe, in which a designer selects clothes according to your taste and body.

Sale on Turkey’s Amazon website

Amazon Turkey provides an easy platform to open a store, in addition to making sales, displaying and marketing products.

This is possible, of course, on Amazon, the popular website for buyers in Turkey and around the world.

Opening a store on the Turkish Amazon website is completely free, and you do not need to pay any fees.

You will need to open an online store within the site, and choose if you want to sell in the Turkish market or in the European market.

How to open a private store to sell your goods on Amazon in Turkey :

  • Prepare official and business records, bank account information, address and contact information.
  • In addition to your Turkish tax office information to complete the store opening process quickly and easily.
  • Your order will be evaluated after the submission is completed, and when there is a positive result, you will be notified of the status of your store.
  • And through the communication channels that have been shared in the application form.
  • After placing the order, you can choose the products you want to sell and set the right price.
  • After completing the sale, Amazon will pay the profits every 14 days.

Is buying from Amazon Turkey safe ?

Yes, the Turkish Amazon website is completely safe to buy, as the site ships about thousands of products in Turkey daily, as well as millions of goods around the world.

When you make a purchase from Amazon Turkey, you will finally receive the shipment across Turkey within 4 working days.

Due to the fact that Amazon Turkey is headquartered in Istanbul, shipments in this region provide less than 48 business hours.

What is the best way to guarantee online purchase from Amazon Turkey?

There are several methods that can be used to guarantee the purchase of goods from the Amazon store website in Turkey or elsewhere, here are some ways:

  • The first and most correct way is to carefully study the comments and reviews of previous users of the site who completed the purchase process.
  • It is important to note that on Amazon, only the reviews of buyers who completed the purchase are recorded.
  • Monitoring the complete safety of shopping on Amazon or elsewhere is another important issue.
  • Usually the site support unit is also ready to respond to buyers.
  • You can get more complete information with specialist questions from the support unit of the Amazon Turkey online store website.

Amazon Turkey application

You can download the Amazon Turkey application on your mobile phone, and this is available for Android and for İOS.

After downloading, you will be able to enter the application and start shopping in an easier way immediately on your mobile phone.

Amazon repository in Turkey

In addition to launching a website for the people of this country, it also has its own warehouse and office in Turkey.

This will lead to products reaching customers as soon as possible, and handling orders will be easier and safer.

The Turkish e-commerce industry also employs about 200,000 people in various sectors.

The headquarters of Amazon is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

The implications of the spread of the Coronavirus on the Amazon website in Turkey

After the Coronavirus (Covid 19) spread across the world, Amazon faced a massive number of online orders.

It even announced that it was looking to hire 100,000 new employees.

In this critical situation, the company removed producers selling at high prices from its list and tried to reduce price fluctuations.

But finally, the Coronavirus has reached Amazon warehouses.

So the company announced in some countries that it would provide customers with basics only.

Finally, we tell you that the Turkish Amazon team is still in its infancy and works hard to meet customer expectations.

In addition to more and more various product categories are also on the team agenda.

And the reliance also on improved strategies, such as digital marketing, information technology and logistics.

So we hope that our article informed you about this site, which is the source for the largest retailer in Turkey and the world, Amazon.