The appearance of tulips occurred with spring in April as a guest of Istanbul


As soon as spring arrives in Istanbul, it is adorned with all parts of it with roses and flowers.

Especially the famous tulips, which, with the beginning of April, are a pleasant guest who is expected to come as a popular annual event in Istanbul.

With the advent of spring in Istanbul, various city streets and gardens are decorated with tulips of various colors.

So a wonderful painting appears that gives Istanbul a distinctive charm, and gives it elegance that attracts beauty lovers to it.

The spread of tulips in the city also appeared in bright colors that sparkled with their yellow, red, orange, blue and purple reflections.

The flowers captivate the hearts of the onlookers, and they travel with their hearts to an endless beauty, which begins since spring knocks its doors on Istanbul with the tulip “Lalla”.

As the arrival of the tulips in Istanbul, at the end of March and early April of each year, the beginning of the spring season.

So the journeys of Istanbul residents begin towards the public parks that those in charge of creating various artistic paintings, using the various colors of flowers.


The beauty and symbolism of Istanbul decorated with Tulips

The city’s residents and those in charge of it never miss the celebration of the event that appears everywhere in Istanbul.

They are keen to grow roses in the streets and gardens with different types and colors of tulips, and they coordinate distinctive shapes.

Previous years saw the manufacture of a carpet of tulips and geometric shapes, including the country’s flag.

Although the Coronavirus pandemic has dominated the past and current years, tulips are also present this year in public parks in Istanbul.

The admiration of the tourists

The tulip is widely known, as its annual opening coincides with the organization of special celebrations, exhibitions and rituals that delight tourists and visitors to Istanbul during this period of the year.

The Tulip Garden in the Emirgan region on the Bosphorus on the European side of the city is another piece of those Turkish gardens.

Where the colors of tulips overlap with the greenery of the gardens and the rest of the roses, to give them a lot of beauty that attracts the attention of tourists.


Tourists and visitors to Istanbul prefer to sit near the tulips, so the green grasses enjoy their picturesque beauty on the one hand.

In addition to the beauty of the Bosphorus waters on the other hand, while Arab and foreign tourists go to this park to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Sightseeing tours receive tourists with Tulip in April

Despite the disruption of the Corona epidemic of life in various parts of the world, and its closure of historical and vital places.

The cycle of life and nature cannot stop its acceleration from the spread of the pandemic, but rather the arrival of spring spreading its scent throughout Istanbul.

City residents and tourists can at times when they are allowed to wander visit public places, parks, and parks on an ongoing basis.

The beauty of spring and the tulip for this year, with its colors, charm and flowers, promises the residents of Turkey, and the tourists in it, beautiful happy days and excursions that are forgotten by the Corona pandemic.