Obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage – all you need to know


The challenges of migrating through marriage are always an interesting topic for people who intend to migrate in this way.

Each country has its own immigration laws in this area.


Therefore, in this article we intend to address the issue of obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage, analyzing Turkish immigration laws and how to obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage.

So if you are keen to get information in this field, follow us to the end.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage

Permanent residence or Turkish citizenship can be obtained through various ways such as investing, buying real estate in Turkey, working in this country and so on.

One of the available ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is to marry a Turkish citizen.

The Turkish government pays special attention to marriage laws and the observance of civil law in this regard.

Under Turkish immigration law, marrying a Turkish woman or man gives a foreigner the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

This means that marrying a Turkish citizen is one way to obtain Turkish citizenship for someone who does not necessarily hold Turkish citizenship.


However, the realization of this right is possible under certain conditions established by the relevant law.

The most important in this set of conditions is the intent of marriage, which means that the purpose of marriage should only be to create a family and not to obtain Turkish citizenship!

Also, the foreign spouse should not be considered a threat to the national security and public security of Turkey.

Marriage conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

To obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage, three main conditions must be met. Which:

  • Three years should be passed since marriage, so that the applicant can apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • Evidence of the stability of married life and the good faith of the applicant and his/her good treatment.
  • The other party must be free from any action that threatens and harms the national security of Turkey.

In the event of the spouse’s death or departure after submitting the application, the condition of stability shall not be taken into account and only other conditions shall be considered.


Marriage laws for foreigners in Turkey

According to the marriage laws in Turkey, a Turkish citizen can marry a foreigner of different nationalities in Turkey.

The marriage of such persons must be carried out by the competent Turkish authorities.

Also, according to these laws, foreigners of the same nationality can marry each other in Turkey.

The marriage is carried out by the offices or consulate of the embassy of their country or by the Turkish authorities.

All marriages conducted by the Turkish authorities, including the marriage of foreigners to each other, are subject to the Turkish Civil Code and related regulations.

The relevant Turkish authorities do not conduct these marriages, unless the applicants are able to obtain their marriage license from the registrar of civil status in their country.

Immigration to Turkey by marriage is only possible for those who have a set of conditions. Which:

  • The ability to marry: Only those who have a sound mind and the ability to make wise decisions are allowed to marry. Therefore, mental illness will be an obstacle to marriage in Turkey. Also, according to the Turkish Civil Code, a person must be at least 18 years old to marry.
  • Kinship: It is forbidden to marry between relatives.
  • Monogamous Law: Monogamy is one of the basic principles of family law in Turkey. Therefore, the second marriage will not be registered unless the first marriage is terminated.
  • Waiting period: A married woman whose marriage has been annulled may not remarry before the end of the waiting period, i.e. three hundred days from the date of the annulment.
  • Lack of sickness and complete health: Some pathological conditions prevent marriage.

Note: Only civil marriages performed by authorized marriage officials are legally binding in Turkey.


Documents required for marriage in Turkey

The documents that people must submit to get married in Turkey are:

  • Marriage Application: To start the marriage process, the bride and groom must prepare the marriage petition in person in Turkish in the municipality in which they reside. This model is called Evlenme Beyannamesi in Turkish.
  • Bring your passport and legal ID.
  • Health Certificate: A medical examination is required for marriage. The examination must be carried out at the medical clinics designated by the Turkish Marriage Office. Each marriage registry uses dedicated clinics to perform these tests. To find out the address of these clinics, you should contact the marriage office you want. These tests usually report medical examinations such as the applicant’s blood type and blood test results for HIV, hepatitis B & C, and syphilis. In simpler terms, these tests show that the applicant does not have any contagious disease.
  • Six photographs of the bride and six photographs of the groom in the size and characteristics of the passport photo.
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Marriage: Any certificate that proves that the person is single or divorced. This certificate is obtained from the marriage registration centers in the country of origin.

Note: If the two partners do not hold Turkish citizenship and intend to register their civil marriage in Turkey, they must have a letter from the hotel in which they are staying stating that they are staying at the hotel. This letter will indicate the length of stay and the date of departure.


Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage

To obtain Turkish citizenship by marriage, at least three years must have passed since the marriage and the marriage must be continuous.

It is also necessary to submit the following documents to the embassy to obtain Turkish citizenship:

  • Complete the citizenship application form at the Turkish Embassy.
  • The original identity card of the Turkish spouse and two copies of it.
  • The original marriage certificate and two copies of it.
  • The original identity card of the foreign spouse and its translation into Turkish from a certified translator.
  • An official copy of the foreign spouse’s passport and its translation into Turkish by a translator certified by the local notary.
  • It is also necessary to present the citizenship certificate, passport and identity card along with their official translation into Turkish in two copies.
  • Documents proving that the spouses have lived together for 3 years. Documents such as: residence certificate, joint tenancy contract, joint ownership document, joint bank account, etc.
  • Two copies of the certificate of non-certification that the applicant must obtain from the relevant authorities at his/her place of residence and translated into Turkish by a certified translator.
  • 8 photographs of the foreign spouse, which must be in color and taken within the last 6 months.
  • 4 photographs of a spouse holding Turkish citizenship, which must be in color and taken in the last 6 months.


The following fees must also be paid:

  • The cost of citizenship services: 100 liras.
  • Issuance of a photo certificate: 18-86 liras.
  • Signature stamp confirmation: 170-90 liras.

How long does it take to obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage?

In order to obtain citizenship and enjoy the benefits of residency in Turkey through marriage, it is necessary that at least three years have passed since the marriage and that the marriage is ongoing.

The speed of processing an application for citizenship through marriage is also related to the accuracy of the information provided by the applicant.

The information and documents provided in the citizenship application must not be incorrect.

This will lead the state authorities to suspect that the marriage is fake and could lead to a negative vote.

Other factors enter into the period of obtaining citizenship in this way.

For example, if neighbors say we do not know these people and the police write this in their report, this report may have a negative impact on the citizenship application process.

This may delay obtaining citizenship until re-examination. It usually does not take long to obtain citizenship if the information provided is accurate and clear.


Steps to obtaining a Turkish passport through marriage

The conditions for obtaining a Turkish passport are the same as those for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

In other words, the spouses who obtain Turkish citizenship after three years of living together are recognized as a Turkish citizen can apply for a Turkish passport immediately and get a Turkish passport within a few days and enjoy the value of the Turkish passport.

Also, people with Turkish passports can travel to many countries without a visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen?

Yes. In order to achieve this, the marriage must be real and continuous, and it must be legal, and it must be after three years from the date of the marriage.

Only civil marriages performed by authorized marriage officials are considered legal by government officials.

What are the documents required for marriage in Turkey?

Submit your passport, legal identity card, completed marriage petition, health certificate, six photos of the bride and six photos of the groom.