Humanitarian residence permit in Turkey – its benefits, conditions and how to obtain it


What is a humanitarian residence permit in Turkey, what are its conditions and procedures, what are the required documents, the duration and disadvantages of a residence permit for humanitarian reasons in Turkey?


All these questions we will try to answer through this article in detail, stay with us!

What is a residence permit for humanitarian reasons in Turkey?

According to the government’s assessment of the refugee situation in Turkey, this type of residence permit is granted to refugees in Turkey.

Humanitarian residence in Turkey is also granted through the United Nations as a right of protection to those who have lost their ability to remain in their home country.

After the Geneva Convention of 1951, which was signed by several countries. Turkey is committed to using the provisions of the Convention through its membership in the Convention.


Conditions for a residence permit for humanitarian reasons in Turkey

The 1951 Geneva Convention sets out a set of conditions for obtaining humanitarian residence.

For example, the person requesting protection suffers from a chronic disease that threatens his life, and the treatment of this disease is only available in Turkey.

It also includes people who are threatened by the war in their country, such as the fear of being tortured or killed by a particular individual or organization.

The humanitarian residence permit also includes the following:

  • If obtaining residency is in the best interest of the child.
  • This humanitarian residence is granted to foreigners who have been sentenced to deportation or who are prohibited from entering Turkey, and cannot leave Turkey.
  • Foreigners who are not subject to a removal order outside Turkey, even if they meet the conditions for removal under Article 55 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection.
  • A foreigner who proves that he/she will be subjected to torture in his country or any inhumane act awaits him/her.
  • Foreigners whose lives are at serious risk due to age, certain health conditions, or pregnancy.
  • People who receive partial support because they are victims of human trafficking.
  • Foreigners who have been subjected to psychological, physical and sexual violence.


Benefits of the humanitarian residence permit in Turkey

The right to humane residence in Turkey guarantees the following:

  • The right to work, including students, and doctors, who also have the right to get a work permit in Turkey.
  • Access to electricity, gas and water is provided by the right to human protection.
  • Humanitarian residence permit holders can open accounts in all Turkish banks.
  • The right to be treated in Turkish public hospitals at a relative annual cost.
  • The bearer can receive humanitarian aid.
  • Possibility to travel within the borders of Turkey, and travel outside the borders of Turkey. If the holders of this residence try to travel to their country, the humanitarian residence will be canceled upon noticing the state stamp in the passport.
  • Children’s right to education in public schools.


Disadvantages of a humanitarian residence permit in Turkey

The right to obtain a humanitarian residence permit in Turkey, like any other type of residence permit, has no related drawbacks, but once the conditions for a humanitarian residence permit are lifted, it may be revoked by a government order with the approval of the Ministry.

Humanitarian residence permit holders can apply for any type of residence in Turkey other than long-term residence.

Steps and procedures for obtaining a humanitarian residence permit in Turkey

If the applicant is required to apply to the immigration office in the area in which he resides, he must submit the relevant documents, and within two to four months, the residence card in Turkey will be obtained.

The residence permit is delivered by (official mail PTT) and can be extended for one year.

If six months have not elapsed after the (tourist) residence permit has been rejected and the humanitarian residence permit is confirmed, the person is not required to pay the new fee because he has already paid.

A foreigner with a humanitarian residence permit is required to register his/her address in the address system for a maximum period of 20 working days from the date of his/her residence permit.


How to book an appointment to obtain a humanitarian residence permit in Turkey

If you want to obtain a humanitarian residence permit in Turkey, you have to go to one of the immigration offices and then go to the humanitarian residence section, which includes people who speak foreign languages.

Humanitarian residence permit documents in Turkey

Applying for a humanitarian residence permit requires proof of certain reasons, including the existence of a grave danger to the person’s life or other reasons.

The first document is that the applicant must provide a medical report or any justification for his/her inability to travel outside Turkey.

The following documents must also be shown:

  • Passport/copy of it, even if it is expired.
  • Entry visa to Turkey.
  • Proof of residential address “a rental contract certified by the Noter office.”
  • Marriage contract and children’s birth certificates “translated and certified by Notre” if the request is for a family.
  • 4 personal photos for each person in the residency file.
  • Application form for obtaining humanitarian residence in Turkey.

Important notes when submitting documents:

  • In some cases, a medical report describing your medical condition must be attached.
  • You may be asked to attach a tourist residency refusal document.
  • You do not need a health insurance document in case of applying for humanitarian residence in Turkey.


The costs of obtaining a residence permit for humanitarian reasons in Turkey

The applicant for a humanitarian residence permit in Turkey is exempted from the registration fee and only needs to go to the immigration services in Turkey where the applicant resides and submit the necessary documents.

Duration of obtaining humanitarian residence in Turkey

A humanitarian residence permit can be obtained in Turkey by applying to the Immigration Office, and the residence permit is issued within a maximum period of four months.


Information about residence permits for humanitarian reasons in Turkey

The application for humanitarian residence is available in all states, and one can apply for immigration services in that case, wait for the application to be approved or rejected, and can learn more about the process by contacting the immigration service center.

How do I renew my residence permit for humanitarian reasons in Turkey?

A humanitarian residence permit is granted for one year and then extended, but the new decree allows for two years.

This residence can be renewed like a short-term residence permit, which can be obtained through the website of the Foreigners Division in Turkey.