Erdogan puts his signature on the “Zero Waste” goodwill statement


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan put the first signature on the global goodwill statement for the “Zero Waste Project” sponsored by his wife Emine Erdogan.

This came in an event “Towards a Global Zero Waste Movement” held at the Turkish House in New York City, which he is visiting to participate in the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly.

Erdogan became a volunteer in the “Zero Waste” initiative after he put the first signature on the statement of good intentions for zero waste in the world after it was opened for signatures online.

Erdogan explained that today he signed “an important signature in the name of the future of humanity.”

He stressed that the zero waste movement, which was launched under the patronage of his wife Emine Erdogan in 2017, has become a “global brand.”

He stressed that Turkey will continue its fight against climate change and environmental pollution, and said: “We in Turkey seek to fulfill our duties towards future generations. Our goal is to reach net zero emissions by 2053.”


Erdogan called on everyone to take action, especially the countries that bear the greatest historical responsibility for the phenomenon of global warming, expressing his hope that the global goodwill statement of the Zero Waste Project will bring goodness to all.

For her part, the wife of the Turkish President stated that the project, which began in 2017, has turned into a global movement, praising the efforts of President Erdogan in bringing the project to what it is currently.

She pointed out that the statement of goodwill was opened today for global signature after it was signed by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres last year.

The statement said: “We recognize that in order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, it is necessary to encourage the efficient use of limited resources, prevent and reduce waste generation through recycling, reuse and minimization, and accept a strong relationship between sustainable waste management, resource efficiency and climate change.” Therefore, we pledge to implement sustainable waste management measures.”

He added: “We pledge to encourage the zero waste initiative around the world and share the best measures to make it more widely known and implemented.”


He added: “We also pledge to support initiatives, campaigns, programs, projects and activities that support zero waste with the aim of promoting responsible waste production and consumption.”

He called on member states of the United Nations, institutions of the United Nations system, civil society, the private sector, the media and local administrations “to harmonize strategies, approaches and programs that will help accelerate the global transition to a circular economy and reduce the negative impact of waste on climate change.”

In September 2022, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 30 of each year as World Zero Waste Day, with the participation of the First Lady of Turkey, Emine Erdogan, as a special guest of the General Secretariat of the United Nations.

In this context, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Guterres, submitted a written proposal for the wife of Turkish President Emine Erdogan to chair the United Nations Zero Waste Advisory Council.

Turkey launched the “Zero Waste” project in 2017, at the initiative of Emine Erdogan, with the aim of combating the impact of waste and waste on the environment, changing people’s consumption habits, and dealing with that waste by recycling it and making use of it after separating it according to its types at the source, with the aim of achieving a recycling rate of up to 35 percent in 2023 and 60 percent in 2030.