New York.. Organizing the 41st “Traditional Turkish Day March”


On Saturday, New York City witnessed the “Traditional Turkish Day Parade” in its 41st edition.

The march, which was organized for the first time in 1981 to denounce the martyrdom of Turkish diplomats at the hands of the terrorist organization “Asala”, became a traditional event after that date.

The march, which was organized this year by the Turkish Presidency’s Communications Department, received broad participation from the Turkish community in the United States, along with Azerbaijanis, Turks of Cyprus, and citizens of the Turkic world.

In a speech during a festival that followed the march, Türkiye’s ambassador to Washington, Sedat Onal, stressed the importance of the march.

He added: “We in Turkey are making efforts to improve our relations with the United States in all fields. The support and contribution of the Turkish-American community is very important in this regard.”


In a video message sent by the head of the Communications Department, Fahrettin Altun, he said that Ankara and Washington have a common perspective on peace, democracy and prosperity and have been in an alliance for nearly 70 years.

He stressed that consolidating political, economic and cultural relations between the two countries will be possible through the contributions of the Turkish community.

It is worth noting that Armenian terrorist organizations, led by Asala and JCAG, launched terrorist attacks during the 1970s and the period after that.

The attacks resulted in the martyrdom of 58 Turkish citizens, 31 diplomats and their families, and the total number of victims reached 77, in addition to a large number of injuries.