The European Union allocates 400 million euros to support Turkey


Members of the European Union Council decided to approve aid worth 400 million euros to Turkey to support it in dealing with the consequences of the earthquake disaster that occurred last February.

The members of the Council, which consists of representatives of the Union countries, agreed to approve the European Commission’s provision of aid to Turkey, Italy and Romania with a total value of 454.8 million euros to confront the effects of disasters.

400 million euros in aid will be allocated to Turkey due to the double earthquake disaster that struck the south of the country on February 6.


While 33.9 million euros in aid will be given to Romania, which was hit by a drought in 2022, and 20.9 million euros to Italy, where floods caused devastation in September last year.

The aid will be covered by the allocated section of the EU budget for solidarity and emergency aid.

The financial aid will be granted after final approval by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.