A Palestinian-oriented apology from the administration of Facebook


The social media giant Facebook has apologized, explaining that the blocking of Canadian users from their pro-Palestine posts “was due to a technical glitch.”

Facebook Canada announced that the problem was caused by a “technical glitch” after some users complained that their posts about violence in Palestine had disappeared or their opinions had been deleted in the past few weeks.


The company apologized for the issue affecting users from sharing information.

The Gaza government was also blamed on social networks: accounts sharing Palestine were closed.

“This mistake should never have happened,” the statement said. “It is designed to give everyone a voice and keep them safe in our practices, and we apply these policies equally to who they are.”

On the other hand, there was no information on whether the pro-Israel broadcast or any other Middle Eastern content was affected by this issue.

The politician who spread the Palestinian flag on social media was expelled in Austria.


Speaking to CBC, Palestinian supporters claimed that their posts on their social media accounts had disappeared, and that Facebook had banned content related to the recent violence.

Despite all the obstacles, social media users who support the events in Palestine with their publications have greatly contributed to the formation of public opinion in the world.

Those who have mobilized followers on social media sites such as Facebook have recently announced restrictions on their pro-Palestinian posts.