Yemen calls for a new UN “approach” that forces Al-Houthi to peace


On Thursday, the Yemeni government called on the United Nations to practice a “new approach” forcing the Houthi group to achieve peace in the country.

This came during a meeting between Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, with UN envoy Martin Griffiths, according to the official Yemeni news agency.


Bin Mubarak stressed the importance of “the United Nations and the international community adopting a new approach that forces the Houthi militia to abandon the option of war.

And the policy of placing obstacles and giving priority to the interests of the Yemeni people, which would put an end to the human tragedy and stop the shedding of Yemeni blood.

In turn, Griffiths stressed that a negotiated political settlement would put things right.

It would end the war and usher in a just and sustainable peace for all Yemenis, according to the same source.

On the other hand, bin Mubarak reiterated on Thursday his government’s adherence to the peace track during a meeting with the UK’s ambassador to Yemen, Michael Aaron, in Riyadh, according to the official Saba news agency.


Bin Mubarak indicated that “the Houthi militia continues its escalation and military mobilization in the Marib (east) governorates.”

In addition to Hajjah (North), he confirms that it is not serious about peace and that its decision is dependent on the Iranian regime and its subversive project in the region.

For his part, the British ambassador expressed his appreciation for the Yemeni government’s stance on the peace process, reiterating his country’s firm stance towards Yemen, and its support for its unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

Yemen has been witnessing a war for more than six years, which has claimed the lives of 233,000 people.

And 80 percent of the population of about 30 million people depend on aid to survive in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, according to the United Nations.