German analysis: Turkey is the new influential power in Africa


An analytical report published on the website of the German Reserve Soldiers Association confirmed that Turkey is the new influential superpower on the African continent.

The report, prepared by Ulf Lessing, head of the Sahel Program of the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation, stated that Ankara filled the gap left by Europe in African countries.

He pointed out that “Turkey, which has a clear strategy for this, is the new influential superpower in Africa.”

He explained that Europe and Germany could learn a lot from Turkey through its practical and long-term African strategy.

He stressed that “Turkey, above all, sees the opportunities available in Africa.”

The author of the report said that Africa has now become a new major sales market for Turkish companies, and that European or American companies often ignore this market.

He pointed out that the Turkish defense industries have adopted a more realistic approach in Africa and are expanding rapidly to fill the gaps left by the Europeans.