Washington: We have delegated all powers to attack ISIS-Khorasan


White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Friday that President Joe Biden and the US military “have the mandate and authority to launch an offensive against ISIS-K in Afghanistan.”


“I think he (Biden) said frankly yesterday that he doesn’t want them alive on the ground anymore (referring to ISIS),” she added in a video press conference.

Ahead of the press conference, the White House issued a statement, announcing that Biden had given military leaders “full authority and all resources to conduct operations against ISIS and protect US forces (in Afghanistan).”

The statement stated that the military briefed the US President and Vice President Kamala Harris during the meeting on “the possibility of another terrorist attack,” noting that they were “taking maximum force protection measures at Kabul Airport.”


According to the White House statement, the coming days in Afghanistan will be the “most dangerous” for US forces there.