Under the supervision of Turkey.. the opening of 5 water wells


The city of Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital of the Afghan province of Balkh, witnessed the opening of 5 water wells and one avenue as part of a project supervised by the Turkish Religious Endowment.


A ceremony was held on Sunday in the Hamdard area of ​​Mazar-i-Sharif for the inauguration, with the participation of the Turkish Consul General in the city, Samih Lutfi Turgut, Wali Balah of the Taliban government, Maulvi Qudratullah Hamza, and other officials.

In a speech during the ceremony, Hamza said that the wells that were opened with the contribution of the Turkish people will meet the needs of the people of the region for clean drinking water.

Hamza praised the humanitarian aid provided by Turkey to his country in various fields, expressing his thanks to the Turkish people and Turkish institutions in this regard.


In turn, Turgut said that the Turkish Religious Endowment carries out activities in humanitarian relief and education as well as digging wells for the hidden in Afghanistan.

He stressed that Turkey will continue to stand by the Afghan people as it always has.