UN: 288,000 people affected by rains in Sudan


The United Nations announced on Thursday that the number of people affected by torrential rains in Sudan has risen to about 288,000 since the start of the rainy season in the country last June.

The United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a report that “the number of people affected by floods and rains in Sudan has risen to 288,000.”


The report added that 56,700 homes have partially and completely collapsed in 13 states (out of 18 in the country) since the start of the rainy season.

Among them, 13,000 homes were completely damaged, and 43,700 homes were partially damaged, in addition to a number of infrastructure and agricultural lands damaged.

It noted that “the Sudanese government and humanitarian partners are providing life-saving aid to people affected by the floods and rains.”

According to the UN office, initial reports indicate that more than 94 thousand people have been affected in the Goli and Al-Jabaleen areas in the White Nile state (south).


And he added: “There are between 12 to 16 thousand people who were stranded due to torrential waters and floods, and they need urgent evacuation to higher areas.”

In the latest report provided by the United Nations on September 9, it was announced that more than 102,000 people were affected by torrential rains and rain, and 20,400 homes were completely or partially collapsed.

On Tuesday, the Sudanese authorities announced that the number of victims of torrential rains and floods had risen to 84, with 67 injured.

These difficult conditions come on the impact of repeated Sudanese appeals to international relief organizations to provide support to those affected and mitigate the impact of this crisis.


The autumn rainy season in Sudan lasts from June to October annually, during which heavy rains usually fall, causing floods and torrential rains.