International organizations call on the EU for greater support for Afghans


International human rights and refugee organizations have called on the European Union to provide greater support to Afghans in need of assistance.

This came in a joint statement issued on Thursday by 24 international non-profit organizations such as Amnesty International, the Red Cross, the Human Rights Monitor, and Oxfam, regarding Afghans in need of assistance.


The statement stressed the need for the European Union to share the responsibility to protect Afghans rather than evade them.

He stressed that there are 18 million people in Afghanistan who need urgent humanitarian assistance, and thousands want to leave the country.

He referred to the EU’s provision of safe routes to Afghans in need of protection and the implementation of a “voluntary resettlement” program.

The statement called on the European Union to condemn attempts to return those within the borders of the Union and prevent their access to the right of asylum, to investigate them, and to impose sanctions on those who prevented them.

The statement recommended that the European Union “urgently review the rejected asylum applications of Afghans and the arrest warrants against them.”


He called for alternatives to deporting Afghans through solutions such as formally suspending him, granting them legal status, and allowing them to stay.

Pointing out the need to “not keep the status of Afghan asylum seekers within the EU territory ambiguously.”

The statement also stressed that the European Union must use all its diplomatic weight, resume evacuations from Afghanistan, and ensure the departure of everyone who wants to do so.