Turkey’s Tahtali Lake.. A luxury multi-lanes


Thanks to its fresh air and beautiful nature, Lake Tahtali in the northwestern Turkish state of Kocaeli attracts local and foreign visitors in all seasons of the year.


The lake is located in the district of Drince in the state of Kocaeli, one of the states of the eastern Marmara region.

This state is one of the important Turkish states in the natural tourism sector, as it offers its visitors the opportunity to spend special times in the lap of nature.

There is Tahtali Lake, about 15 km from the center of Drenge, which is a district characterized by wooded areas and green hills with a lot of streams and waterfalls.

Dringe municipality seeks to attract a larger number of local and foreign tourists to the area by organizing camping and fishing activities, providing social facilities and special paths for cycling and walking.


During the coming summer, the municipality seeks to complete construction work on a number of facilities and start providing places for selling traditional agricultural and animal products.

Dringe Mayor Zeki Aygun said that the municipality is working on organizing new activities for nature lovers in the area that contains Lake Tahtali and is characterized by its scenic beauty.

He added that through these activities, they aspire to provide visitors with enjoyable times in the lap of nature.

He continued, “The area used to contain a tourist and sports center, but the municipality decided to establish a new center with modern standards, in a desire to stimulate tourism and attract more visitors.”


Aygon added that the municipality is working to transform the lake into a suitable place for organizing small boat trips through projects it is working on, in addition to establishing a camping center for caravans.

He explained that walking and cycling tracks will be built in the Lake District, giving it a new look.

Aygun said that the local administrations in Kocaeli attach great importance to the development of tourism activities in the state.

He continued, “We are working to build advanced social facilities to provide the best services to visitors, and to establish sales points to serve visitors wishing to purchase agricultural and animal products produced by the local population in traditional ways.”


Dringe witnessed a significant increase in the number of visitors from Istanbul, according to the mayor.

He concluded that the municipality is working on completing important projects such as the natural park in Tahtali Lake, the camping center and the caravan park, as well as public and recreational facilities.