A Libyan delegation explores tourism potential in Turkey


A delegation from Libyan companies active in the field of organizing tourist trips conducted an exploratory tour in the states of Trabzon, Girasun and Gümüşhane to determine the tourism potential of the eastern Black Sea region in Turkey.

The Turkish “Karanfil” group supervised the organization of the tour, during which the delegation met with the mayors of Giresun, Fuat Kose and Trabzon, Ahmet Kanj, in addition to the governors of Trabzon, Aziz Yildirim and Gümüşhane Alpeper Tanreswar, in order to discuss strategies for promoting tourism in the region.

A statement issued by the group on Monday stated that the discussions touched on the twinning protocol planned to be announced between the municipalities of the cities of Trabzon and Tripoli.

The discussions also included providing information regarding promoting tourism in Trabzon in Libya, according to the statement.​​​​​​

The statement quoted the Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors, Murtaza Karanfil, as saying that he expected the number of visitors coming to Turkey to break a new record this year after it was broken last year by 57 million visitors, and that tourism revenues would exceed 60 billion dollars.


He pointed to the developed tourism potential in Trabzon, noting that the increase in the number of local and foreign tourists coming to Trabzon last year by 38 percent is an “important success.”

Karanfil said: “We aim to contribute to this increase through tourists arriving from Libya. In addition, this initiative should be considered one of the steps taken to increase tourism potential in Turkey.”

The “Karanfil” Group stands out at the international level for its activities in Libya, where it implements successful projects through its branches in Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, Al-Bayda, Zliten, Tobruk, Homs, and Al-Zawiya.

Founded by Murtaza Karanfil in 1987, the group aims to become one of the leading companies in the development process in Turkey, as it expands its strong organizational structure and its effective communications network in many regions.

The Karanfil Group provides its services in 16 sectors, with logistics services coming first, followed by the fields of production, supply, law, education, health, defence, construction, textiles, food, housing, mining, publishing, financial management, tourism and hotel management, and cybersecurity technologies.