Turkey’s research on the “Mu” virus by forming other mutations


Assistant Dr. Afşin Emre Lostmaz said that the ‘Mu’ variant carries some mutations in Beta, Gamma, and Delta.

A member of the Scientific Committee on Coronavirus of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Afşin Emre Lostmaz, also made a statement about the variables of the Coronavirus.


Kaymazmaz explained that SarsCov2 is an RNA virus and that these viruses also have frequent mutations.

Referring to the fact that the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control currently defines “Beta”, “Gamma” and “Delta” viruses as “variants of concern”, Kaymazmaz provided the following information:

“Currently, the Coronavirus “delta” is the most common variant in our country, and we see it more than 90 percent in our country.

Delta virus is characterized as being at least twice higher than previous viruses.

For example, the wild type originated in Wuhan or the British variant described as the “alpha” coronavirus is more contagious.

And we see it as a mutating virus that will lead not only to increased infections but also hospitalizations.


Things to know about the Coronavirus “Mu”

Mu virus carries easy transmission risks. In addition, Kaymazmaz explained that the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control discovered the mutated “Mu” virus variety.

It is a “mutated coronavirus to be watched closely,” and shared the following information:

Mu virus is a mutated virus that contains some mutations in each of the Beta, Gamma, and Delta variants.

It’s among the viruses to watch for at the moment because it runs the risk of transmitting more easily between people.

Meanwhile, neutralizing antibody response obtained from vaccines or disease transmission when we look at symptoms.

We see that the symptoms do not differ significantly between these variants, they develop with similar symptoms.


They are high fever, muscle, and joint pain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, which can disappear with symptoms such as loss of taste and smell.

He also touched on ways to prevent the disease, saying: “Our methods of protection are the same for each of the variables.

We see that the use of masks is not as tight as it was in places, but the mask appears as an important protection against all variables in crowded or indoor environments.

Regardless, as the weather is starting to get colder, more time will be spent indoors, so indoors ‘we have to be careful not to create crowds in the spaces.

The environments must be effectively ventilated, at least by opening the door and window.

If we implement these measures, we will provide adequate protection against the Delta virus, Mu virus, and Alphavirus, which is much quieter.”