Turkey… “White Paradise” continues to receive visitors in the fall


The Pamukkale tourist area in the state of Denizli, southwestern Turkey, continues to receive its visitors in the autumn season, despite the low temperatures.

The area is characterized by its great tourist potentials, such as balloon rides and the beauty of nature, as well as the gradient thermal springs nicknamed “White Paradise”.


“Pamukkale” was aiming to receive one million visitors by the end of this year, but the number of arrivals to it exceeded the mentioned number during the first 10 months of 2021.

One of the most prominent destinations for visitors in “Pamukkale” is the famous “Cleopatra Pool” there.

The pool, which maintains its temperature at 36 degrees in summer and winter, is known as one of the methods of treatment in ancient times.

According to historical sources, the mentioned pond was formed as a result of earthquakes in the region in 692 AD.


Flying over the gradient thermal springs with paragliders is one of the highlights of the “White Paradise”.

In his speech, Gazi Murad Shan, head of the Denizli Hotel Operators Association, said that “Pamukkale” is now attracting 90 percent of cultural tourism lovers.

He added that this year they received twice the number of tourists who visited Pamukkale during 2020.