Ankara… We hope Greece will act according to good neighborliness


Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar expressed hope that Greece will base its actions on the principle of good neighborliness and observance of international law, in order to achieve peace and stability in the region.


This came in a speech he delivered on Thursday during his participation in the opening of the new academic year at Arcis University in the central state of Kayseri.

Akar explained that Turkey wants to solve the existing problems in the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Cyprus islands through peaceful means and dialogue.

Akar reiterated that Turkey does not covet the lands or wealth of any other country, and at the same time, Ankara will not allow any party to usurp its rights and those of Turkish Cyprus.

Akar stressed that the Turkish Armed Forces are carrying out their duty to defend the homeland with firmness and determination.


Pointing to Turkey’s successful military operations against terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq.

Regarding the Armenian provocations against Azerbaijan, Akar said that Turkey will continue to stand by Azerbaijan on the basis of the principle of “one nation in two states.”