Turkish-Emirati cooperation in the cinematic field


In a joint collaboration between the “Istanbul Museum of Modern Art” in Turkey and the “Sharjah Art Foundation” in the United Arab Emirates.


The film program “Her Journey” will be launched within the framework of the “Sharjah Film Platform” in its fourth edition between 19 and 27 November.

The “Her Journey” program includes 5 long films and 5 short films directed by Turkish women filmmakers and focuses on the social and cultural role of women.

Within the framework of the Sharjah Film Platform in its fourth edition, a symposium will be held in Sharjah on November 26, entitled “Contemporary Cinema in Turkey through Women’s Eyes”.

It will bring together producers and directors who have made an impact in Turkish cinema.


The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art will display works from the Middle East and North Africa as part of a program to be prepared by the Sharjah Art Foundation.