Turkey.. “Fish Lake” attracts photography enthusiasts


Lake “Balik” (fish) in the state of Agri, eastern Turkey, has turned into a destination for photography enthusiasts after its surface froze in conjunction with low temperatures.

The natural lake attracts a large number of local and foreign tourists to the “Senak” plateau, thanks to its location and views at an altitude of 2241 meters above sea level.

The lake area is known as the “hidden paradise” in the middle of the mountains, and it is a favorite destination for photography and camping lovers in the middle of nature, as well as water sports enthusiasts.


The lake is surrounded by two islands and includes many types of fish and birds, making it a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists throughout the seasons of the year.

In the winter, the lake receives lovers of skiing and winter diving under the ice after its surface is frozen.

In the summer, it allows its visitors to practice many water sports such as swimming, diving, riding water bikes (Jet Ski) and flying water slide (Flyboard).

Photographer Murcel Yaccioglu said that the area impresses visitors thanks to its wonderful natural beauty.

He added, “There is a magical view in the mountains and the lake, walking and taking pictures over the snow is exciting.”

In turn, Arzu Chinar said that she enjoyed walking on the ice on the surface of the lake, noting that it was a very wonderful experience.