Turkey.. Antalya tends to break a record number of tourists


The state of Antalya, the capital of Turkish tourism overlooking the Mediterranean, is heading to break a record in the number of tourists coming to it.

Antalya broke the record for the number of tourists coming to it during the first four months of the year 2019, when it received 1,560,000 and 862 visitors.

During the period from January 1 to April 28, 2023, the Turkish state received 1,686,284 tourists, exceeding the level it was in 2019, that is, before the Corona epidemic.


The governor of Antalya, Arsene Yazigi, said that the developments taking place in the state in terms of tourism give rise to pleasure and hope for a better season for the owners of the sector.

He added that Antalya had reached a peak in receiving tourists in 2019, indicating that they expect to break this record by the end of this year’s season.

According to Yazici, the average number of visitors coming to Antalya via airlines has ranged between 30,000 and 35,000 since the beginning of this year, while this number rises to between 40,000 and 45,000 during weekends.

It should be noted that Antalya alone received 15.5 million foreign tourists during the year 2019, that is, before the emergence of the Corona epidemic, thus breaking the all-time record in this regard.