Traffic law and the cost of traffic violations in Turkey – all you need to know


Of course, some of you intend to travel to Turkey for business or leisure on a short or even long trip.

In the meantime, some prefer to use public transportation so that they can reach their destination safely. While some prefer to drive their own car for greater comfort.


Those who want to try driving in Turkey can easily get a driving license in Turkey (more or less) and rent a car in any city they want.

As if you are planning to buy a car in Turkey, it is better for you to know the driving culture and traffic laws in Turkey as well as the cost of traffic fines in this country.

It is worth knowing that there are more than 25 million cars in Turkey, and of course you will not drive on empty roads. (Trust me)

But the good news is that traffic laws around the world are very similar and will change by less than 5%, and traffic and driving rules in Turkey are no exception to this.


Traffic rules in the cities of Turkey

Each of the Turkish cities, whether the city of Van, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya or others, has its own culture!

When you travel to Turkey by land, you experience the special Turkish climate from the east of Turkey to the west.

Also, driving in small cities of Turkey is not subject to many strict laws except in cases that require the expertise of the traffic police!

So be careful when entering intersections, passing the yellow light and when crossing the squares.


The most important basic driving and traffic rules in Turkey

  • Driving in Turkey is on the right.
  • If you intend to take a turn but pedestrians are close to you, pedestrians have the right to pass under any circumstances.
  • Slow down as you approach footpaths.
  • An important requirement is also to observe the standard distance with the vehicle in front of you.
  • Do not forget to pay attention to traffic lights while driving.
  • When passing vehicles with emergency conditions such as ambulances, it is necessary to open the lane for them.
  • Do not turn left lane and return to your lane after overtaking.
  • In multiple lanes roads, the right lane is for ambulances and police, so if you constantly move in that lane, you may be fined.
  • If your negative driving behaviors such as running a red light, not following the speed limit and talking on the phone while driving increase, your driver’s license may be revoked. Usually, a driver who gets negative 8 points is likely to have his license confiscated by the police.

Violations resulting from non-compliance with traffic and driving rules in Turkey

The fine if the speed limit is 50 km/h:

  • Unauthorized speeding violation between 55 and 65 kilometers per hour: 535 TL.
  • Speeding violation from 65 to 75 km per hour: 988 TL.
  • Driving at a speed of 75 km per hour and above: 5,002 TL.

The fine value if the speed limit is 80 km/h:

  • Speeding violation from 88 to 104 km per hour: 935 TL.
  • Speeding violation from 104 to 120 km per hour: 2,488 TL.
  • The fine for speeding 120 km per hour or more amounts to 4,002 TL.

The value of the fine if the two-way road outside the city and the speed limit is 90:

  • Unauthorized speeding violation between 99 and 117 km per hour: The fine is 935 TL.
  • Driving at a speed of 117 to 135 km per hour: The fine is 2,488 TL.
  • Driving at a speed of 135 km or more: The fine is up to 4,002 TL.


The value of the fine if the road is a two-way separate road outside the city, and the permissible speed limit is 110 km:

  • Unauthorized speeding violation from 121 to 143 km per hour: The fine is 335 TL.
  • Driving at a speed of 143 to 165 km per hour: The fine is 988 TL.
  • A fine for driving at a speed of 165 km or more: The fine is up to 4,002 TL.

The value of the fine if the road is a highway and the speed limit is 120:

  • The fine for speeding from 132 to 156 km per hour: 535 TL.
  • Speeding violation from 156 to 180 km per hour: a fine of 608 TL.
  • Speeding violation from 180 km and above: a fine of 4,002 TL.

The fine for violations of general traffic rules while driving in Turkey:

  • Violation of driving without a driver’s license: a fine of 9,918 TL.
  • Violation of driving without a seat belt: a fine of 1,008 TL.
  • Damage to traffic lights, throwing garbage, blocking the road and more: the fine is 488 TL.
  • Violation for crossing a pedestrian line at a pedestrian crossing point: a fine of 678 TL.
  • Driving a car without insurance: a fine of 1,008 TL.
  • Driving a car without a technical examination: a fine of 935 TL.
  • Driving violation in the opposite direction: 2,000 TL
  • Crossing the red light: a fine of 935 Turkish liras.
  • Driving at high speed at lanes and intersections and in front of schools: a fine of 9,888 Turkish liras.
  • Stopping in prohibited places: a fine of 709 Turkish liras.

For a drunk driving violations:

  • The first time: a fine of 1,002 TL.
  • The second time: a fine of 3,256 TL.
  • The third time: a fine of 4,018 TL.


Driving felonies in Turkey:

It is very important to have the vehicle documents with you. These documents include the following:

  • Car card.
  • Driving license.
  • Compulsory insurance.
  • Exhaust test card sealed (for contaminants).
  • Technical inspection card (valid for two years for personal vehicles).
  • Vehicle tax (twice a year).
  • Car insurance card (if any).

These were just some of the most important driving and traffic laws in Turkey.

Note: Those who travel to Turkey as immigrants need to get a Turkish driving license.