Tik Tok application exceeds one billion users around the world


Tik Tok has become the first social media app to reach a billion users without being owned by Facebook or Google, as Tik Tok has reached one of the most important milestones in the technology industry.


The company also announced that it has more than one billion monthly active users around the world.

It was noted that the number of monthly active users of the application in August 2021 increased by 25 percent compared to the same month only one year ago.

It is considered a huge success for a company that does not belong to the social media giants Google and Facebook to reach this number.

The view that people are spending more time on their phones during the pandemic is also instrumental in bringing TikTok to that number.

It was also emphasized that the social media company had accelerated the growth of the content creator industry.

Although former US President Donald Trump tried to shut down TikTok in the US, the China-based company has continued to grow.


While Trump’s efforts have failed, the app has been banned in India and is currently facing scrutiny over its data protection and child safety practices in Europe.

It is said that TikTok remains popular despite the fact that many competitors have launched similar fake products.