A Turkish company opens new horizons with its exports in civil aviation


In May 2021, the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority held a tender for “Procurement of Terrain Data, Electronic Obstacles, Digital Data Sets, Equipment, and Related Services” open to global companies.


The Turkish company Mapevi Aerospace Engineering, a member of the OSTİM Defense and Aerospace Group (OSSA), achieved the highest technical qualification score among 11 applicants.

Mapevi signed the tender contract for the two-year project in July, and actual work began in August.

Mapevi will also implement the services of “obstacle data analysis” and “electronic terrain and obstacle data”.

In addition to the “Airport Maps Database” for 21 airports in Malaysia and the “Airport Surface Guidance Network” for 6 airports.

This company, which has achieved many firsts in the field of safety in civil aviation, will also lead the way in the export of engineering services in this field.


Mapevi digital marketing specialist Cesme Aslan said that the company will accelerate the digital transformation of 21 airports in Malaysia, and will enable the transition to flight information systems and flight information management.

Aslan explained that for this purpose a complete electronic guide will be created to collect land and obstacle data and a flight data catalog for airports in Malaysia.

“We will use a hybrid method based on satellite photogrammetry and ground integration in our work.

All the services that we will provide to the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority are similar to the projects we have implemented before.


It will comply with ICAO, EASA, and ISO standards.”