The World Health Organization approves a resolution on health in Palestine


The 74th session of the World Health Assembly approved a draft resolution, supported by Turkey, on the health situation in occupied Palestine, despite Israel’s refusal.

It was reported that the draft resolution was submitted by Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Qatar, Algeria and South Africa.


“Sadiq Arslan,” Turkey’s ambassador to the United Nations office in Geneva, said in a speech to him on Wednesday.

The notion that Israel, with its occupation, blockade, restrictions, and military operations, has greatly affected health capabilities and infrastructure in the Palestinian territories.

He added that the health situation in the Palestinian territories is extremely dangerous, especially in light of the Israeli blockade and the attacks on hospitals and health facilities in the Gaza Strip.

Arslan affirmed Turkey’s determination to continue providing development and humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, calling on the international community to increase its aid to the Palestinian state in this critical period.


The resolution provides support for the Palestinian health system and basic infrastructure.

It provides vaccines, medicines and medical supplies by the World Health Organization in accordance with international law and the rules and standards of the World Health Organization.

The resolution also calls for the respect and protection of the rights of humanitarian and health workers, especially the Palestinians injured in the Israeli attacks.