The UN asks the European Union to investigate the withdrawal of migrants


Filippo Grandi, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, called for an investigation into the incidents in which migrant boats were pushed to the external borders of the European Union.

He said, “We must stop returns across all external borders of the European Union.”

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi held a joint press conference.

And after his meeting with Elva Johansson, member of the European Union Commission responsible for internal affairs in Brussels.


“Europe needs a more efficient mechanism to save lives”

Grandi stated at the meeting that the number of illegal immigrants coming to Europe has increased with the warming weather in the central Mediterranean in recent days.

Grandi emphasized that the European Union needs a mechanism on the issue of migration, “Europe needs a predictable mechanism on this issue.

We are talking about a few boats and numbers that can be controlled by a logical and agreed mechanism, and a state-led mechanism is required, “he said.

“We must stop push backs along all external borders”

In reference to the events in the Aegean Sea, which are often applied by Greek coast guard boats, and where migrants are being pushed back.

Grandi shared the view that “we must stop the push backs that occur along all the external borders of the European Union, and we also need a mechanism to investigate these disabilities.”

Filippo Grandi also indicated that he was talking about a mechanism that balances appropriate arrival arrangements, including solidarity through deportations.


“Europe can at least achieve that, let’s not forget it, we are talking about sharing responsibility for refugees and asylum seekers.”

90 percent of the refugees around the world are not in rich countries, these people are in Africa and the Middle East, Asia and Europe: “What we want is what other countries are already doing.”

“Turkey must be supported on the issue of immigrants”

Regarding a question, Grandi reminded that Turkey is hosting the largest number of refugees in years and said that the European Union should continue to support Turkey in this regard.

EU Commissioner Elva Johansson also stated that the March 18th agreement between Turkey and the European Union is still in effect.

And that she discussed issues related to immigrants during her visit to Ankara last week and that they want to fulfill the terms of the agreement.

And referring to the need to support Turkey in the issue of illegal immigrants.

Johansson said he brought up the letter he received from Frontex regarding allegations that Turkish Coast Guard boats entered Greek waters during the meetings in Ankara.