The last message from the first Turkish astronaut: Thank God


Minister Cajir published a post about the meeting on his social media account, and stated that Geziravcı conveyed his greetings to the nation by saying, “Thank God.”

Cajir noted that they are proud of Gezaravci, and stressed that the Turkish nation is impatiently awaiting the historic moment.

Minister Cajer’s post also included a video of the phone call.

During the meeting, Kajir said: “We have just been informed that the tests for today have been completed positively and approval has been obtained from NASA.” After his statement, Gizaravci said: “We agree, Mr. Minister.”

Noting that they were waiting together to accomplish the mission, Kajir said: “Our hearts are with you, and our prayers are with you. You are very prepared as always.”

He also stated that yesterday’s delay was due to the nature of the job and used the following statements: “We would like it to happen in a planned and timely manner, but (yesterday’s postponement) is something that is already in the nature of the job.


We are prepared not only from yesterday, but from the beginning, for any delays that may occur, and for flows that may go beyond the routine that may come in the nature of work.

This is not now, but a year from now. “Even if it is later, our minds are prepared in every way, both physically and mentally.”

“God willing, things will go well, and you will succeed in carrying our nation’s dreams beyond the horizon, and you will return first to the world and then to our Turkey in good health,” Cajir said.

Cajir said: “I hope that the heart of the Turkish nation beats for you. May God bless you and grant you success,” and bid farewell to Gezaravci by saying, “Thank God.”