The “strictest” regulation of social media in Canada


New regulations on social media have been prepared in Canada, and according to the proposal, Canadian content will be prioritized on music, video and film platforms.

This is one of the strongest regulations that a Western country applies to social media.

Canada is also preparing to take an initiative to highlight local content on social media.


The newly prepared bill requires music and video sharing sites such as Youtube and TikTok and movie platforms to “give priority to Canadian content.”

If the regulation becomes law, Canadian artists will appear first on the page when a user searches for music.

On film platforms, more Canadian works will be listed on the homepage.

The regulation that sparked controversy

The proposal is the most stringent regulation of social media ever introduced by a Western country, and has criticized the law as an “assault on freedom of thought”.

The fact that the state will decide what to watch is also seen as a limitation on personal liberties.


Hollywood productions

Proponents of the regulation state that the proposal is intended to reduce cultural pressure and accommodate the United States, and argue that the Canadian film and music industry could rise again.

It is known that Hollywood products are mainly offered to users on the platforms.

Addressing parallel views of American politics, especially in films and television series, has been a topic of debate for many years.