The most famous bridges of Istanbul in Turkey


Istanbul is one of the most important major cities in Turkey and is its economic and cultural capital.

This beautiful city is located in the south of the country, and Istanbul is currently the largest and most populous city in Turkey, and Istanbul is the cultural and economic center of Turkey.

According to 2018 statistics, the population of this city is estimated today at more than 15 million people, in 2010, Istanbul was chosen as the European Capital of Culture, and in terms of the number of tourists who visit and are interested in visiting this beautiful and historical city throughout the year, Istanbul ranked third as the most important tourist city in the world.

The magnificent city of Istanbul monopolizes many valleys and eye-catching places. These valleys, abundant waters, and vast and far-off areas of stunning landscapes have led to the vision of various bridges in this city.

Where these bridges of Istanbul play very important roles and serve the places that are naturally separated, which help to connect different parts of the city and of course help the people of Istanbul to use them in transport and transit through them.

In this article, we want to inform you about 5 of the most beautiful and important bridges that exist and are established in Istanbul with a review of the details for useful information about the most famous bridges in this city.

What are the famous bridges of Istanbul in Turkey ?

You can see very beautiful bridges in Istanbul, each of which has its own story and history in this country, but if we want to name the most important bridges in Istanbul and define them, we must not forget to mention these five bridges as follows:

Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul (July 15 Martyrs Bridge)

Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul (July 15 Martyrs Bridge):

This bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Istanbul, the Bosphorus Bridge also known as (July 15 Martyrs Bridge), which dates back to 50 years ago, is now considered one of the most important and most beautiful bridges in the world.

And it is surprising that the city of Istanbul is located on two continents, namely Asia and Europe, and the Bosphorus Bridge connects the European side of Istanbul with the Asian side!

The length of the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul is 2,100 meters, and its length can be crossed by a car with a distance of 1300 meters.

From it crossing the Bosphorus Strait, this bridge rises 105 meters above the water level and at night the uniquely designed light of this bridge always gives a beautiful effect to Istanbul.

As for the area surrounding the bridge, it is full of Turkish restaurants overlooking the wonderful view of the bridge.

You can try traditional Turkish cuisine in these restaurants and taste the most delicious food in Istanbul within these places, in addition to delicious food in restaurants, many cafes have also been built around the Bosphorus Bridge, which is one of the main places for entertainment and nightlife in Istanbul.

So if you are traveling to Istanbul, Turkey, and you want to see one of the beautiful sights in this city, the best option is the Bosphorus Bridge, which you can cross or visit the recreational and tourist facilities that may catch your eye with its idea and creativity to create it, or visit the restaurants and facilities available around it overlooking Its beautiful appearance.

Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge in Istanbul

Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey:

Another famous and important bridge in Istanbul, this bridge is Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge.

The site of this bridge is present with the same and distinctive idea in which the Bosphorus Bridge was placed on the Bosphorus Strait and that it connects the two different parts of Istanbul.

The history of the construction and creating of this bridge goes back to several years after the construction of the first Bosphorus Bridge, where the architecture and craftsmanship in studying the construction of bridges in Istanbul and the construction of this bridge, in addition to its very extended length, led to the naming of Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge by another name, which is the twenty-first suspension bridge, in the world today.

This bridge is more secluded and not overcrowded than the Bosphorus Bridge.

So if you are looking for a quiet and comfortable place with a beautiful view to spend relaxing moments when traveling to Istanbul, then your choice is to visit Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge or sit in the surrounding facilities, it is definitely the best choice for you.

Sultan Salim Yavuz Bridge in Istanbul

Sultan Salim Yavuz Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey :

One of the most amazing bridges in Istanbul is the Sultan Selim Yavuz Bridge, you may be surprised a little by this information, but the Sultan Selim Yavuz Bridge in Turkey is known as the longest suspension bridge in the world after the Millau Bridge in France ranked the highest in the world.

There is no long history of the bridge yet, and it dates back to a few years ago, and the Turkish government tried to bring the city of Istanbul to a new space and horizon farther globally by opening and constructing this bridge, and today Sultan Selim Yavuz Bridge is one of the most important landmarks of modern Istanbul.

The opening of this long and beautiful bridge has greatly reduced the volume of traffic in Istanbul, and this bridge was also built on the Bosphorus, with a height of 321 meters above sea level, and 3 billion euros were spent on its construction.

Golden Horn Bridge in Istanbul

Golden Horn Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey :

Another bridge that was recently constructed in Istanbul, Turkey, is the Golden Horn Bridge, which was opened in 2014, this bridge is dedicated to urban train traffic.

The beautiful Golden Horn Bridge connects the Beyoglu district to the Fatih district in Istanbul and is currently one of the most beautiful bridges in the city, you are interested in seeing this beautiful bridge, so you have to take trains on the M2 Metro line in Istanbul to cross and see the view of this beautiful bridge.

Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge, the most famous bridge in Istanbul, Turkey :

Do you want to see one of the most attractive and exciting bridges in the world unparalleled in Istanbul? Only you can go and visit one of the most famous and beautiful bridges in Istanbul, which is the Galata Bridge, you can see a long and regular line of fishermen on this bridge.

The Galata Bridge in Istanbul is known today as one of the most attractive and beautiful tourist attractions to visit in Istanbul, for the restaurants around this bridge, it is possible for you to taste the best first-class seafood, and the Galata Bridge is very famous in Turkish history and literature, and Turkish writers wrote  Many writings of lost and forgotten love are famous in compliance on this bridge.

Arranged tours with the aim of seeing the famous Istanbul bridges in Turkey :

It includes many tourism companies that provide services to establish Turkish trips by arranging trips to visit one or more of the famous Istanbul bridges in its entertainment and tourism program, through these tours you will be able to travel easily to Istanbul, Turkey by preparing one of these tours and making one or more visits from these beautiful scenery bridges in Istanbul, Turkey.