The “hunting” tension continues between France and England


Clement Boone, Minister of State for European Affairs in France, has stated that Britain will respond if it does not comply with the fishing agreement after Brexit.

Speaking about the agreement that obliges the United Kingdom to license European fishermen to fish 6-12 nautical miles off their lands.

Boone said that although an agreement was reached 4 months ago, it has been partially implemented.

Bonne emphasized that they expect the agreement to be fully implemented, and stated that they will take retaliatory measures in other sectors if necessary.

“This is a bargain, everyone should keep their promises, or we will be tough,” Boone said.  According to what he said.


The “licensing” period after Brexit

According to the agreement reached on December 24, 2020, which defines trade relations after Brexit.

The United Kingdom allows European Union member states to license fishing in British waters.

France also notes that out of 120 fishing boats in Boulogne-sur-Mer, only 22 boats were allowed to fish in those waters.

Fishermen in Boulogne-sur-Mer, the largest seafood processing center in Europe, protested against Britain last week.

They also banned trucks carrying fish to this country.