UN recommendation for Turkey and Cyprus to resolve long-standing disputes


According to Reuters, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, advised the Turkish and Cypriot sides, on Tuesday, to follow our approach, before informal talks between Turkey and Kyrgyzstan.


The UN Secretary-General has invited officials from the foreign ministers of Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and Britain to Geneva to resume the failed peace talks of 2017.

“The parties concerned were invited to use a creative approach in the negotiations, and the UN Secretary-General asked them to use diplomatic language in the negotiations,” a UN spokesman said.

In this regard, a Turkish Cypriot official said that he hopes to conduct negotiations and that the two-state solution is suitable for both sides, with access to Turkish airspace and ports.

“We see our Greek neighbors as our partners and we do not consider them our enemies. All we want is a solution for the island that will benefit both societies,” the Turkish Cypriot official told Reuters.

A Cypriot government spokesman declined to comment on Nicosia’s demands during the talks.


Turkey invaded the northern part of the island of Cyprus in 1974 and occupied the area.

In that year, the government of Archbishop Makarios, then president of Cyprus, was overthrown in a military coup, and Turkey deployed its army units in the north of the country, citing its position as one of the guarantors of Cyprus’ sovereignty.

This led to the division of the island of Cyprus into two parts, north and south, and in fact into Turkish and Greek.

Currently, the land ownership crisis is one of the main crises between the two sides.

Even holding several meetings at the United Nations has so far failed to affect a solution to the Cyprus crisis.

Another dilemma affecting the negotiations between Cypriots is the division of political power.

Meanwhile, the Greek and Turkish divisions differ over how to divide power in parliament and government.