Travel ban from Belgium to 3 countries due to the Coronavirus


The Belgian government has banned entry to passengers from India, South Africa and Brazil, where Covid-19 cases have risen dramatically.

Different types of virus have been seen except for very necessary cases.

According to the decision taken by the Belgian Government’s Advisory Committee, entry into Belgium from these three countries will be permitted only in absolutely necessary cases.

A very limited number of people, such as transport personnel, sailors, diplomats, and employees of international organizations, will also be excluded when entering the country from India, Brazil and South Africa.


Conditions for whoever has a residence permit in the country

Exceptions will be required to prove that their travel is necessary when entering Belgium, and they will be required to go into quarantine and take an exam.

Belgian citizens from these three countries and those with a residence permit in Belgium will also be able to enter the country under conditions such as quarantine and testing.