The complete guide to buying household and electrical appliances in Turkey


After emigrating to Turkey and settling in this country, equipping the house and residence with the necessary devices is of great importance.


In order to be able to manage your expenses in the process and buy high quality items, you will need to get general information about buying home household and electrical appliances in Turkey.

In this article, we will give a complete guide for everything you need to know about buying home appliances in Turkey, stay with us.

Buying household and electrical appliances in Turkey

Turkish brands are the main priority for purchasing household and electrical appliances in Turkey, as Turkish brands have a good reputation all around the world.

Turkey has a variety of products in many fields, including household and electrical appliances, as Turkish brands from electrical appliances to furniture and decorations, are available for people looking to buy household and electrical appliances in Turkey.

Moreover, Turkey is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe, along with both Germany and Italy, it is a leader in the production of household and electrical appliances.


One of the main advantages of buying from famous Turkish brands, is that the use of after-sales service and warranty is very simple and fast, and in most cases they provide goods replacement services to customers in case of any problems with the product.

In addition to the high quality of Turkish brands, another important point of household and electrical appliances is that the government supports local products, so the price of Turkish brands is very reasonable.

While various foreign brands in this country have very expensive prices, we advise you to buy household and electrical appliances from Turkish brands.

However, if your priority is to buy from a certain foreign brand, you do not have to worry because the best international brands of goods, household and electrical appliances have many agencies in this country.

Also you can easily find various foreign brands in different cities of Turkey, and buy the equipment you need.

As you can buy the latest household and electrical appliances in Turkey from various world famous brands such as Samsung, LG, Bocsh, Moulinex and Tefal.

The most famous brands of Turkish household and electrical appliances

  • Turkish brands such as BEKO, VESTEL and arçelik.
  • MADAME COCO brand which offers crystals, fine textiles, serving utensils, and all kinds of kitchen appliances.
  • The brands YATAS, ISTIKBAL and ALFEMO offer furniture and home furnishings.
  • CILEK brand that offers children’s room furniture


Household and electrical appliances stores in Istanbul

Markets and major shopping centers in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, allocate a whole floor for the sale of all kinds of household and electrical appliances such as kitchenware, furniture, decorations, etc.  

There are shops in Istanbul that sell a variety of brands of electrical appliances such as televisions, laptops, vacuum cleaners and more.

There are many famous shops to buy household items and electrical appliances in Turkey, which have branches in most major shopping malls in Istanbul.

Like Media Markt, Vatan, Teknosa stores, which have several branches in Istanbul, have many products that suit every budget and taste.

The most important shops:

IKEA store

IKEA brand is one of the most famous and comprehensive brands of household and electrical appliances in Turkey.

IKEA has several branches in Istanbul and is only dedicated to buying household and electrical items.

This international brand is spread in more than 43 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Greece, Canada, Australia and many Asian countries.

At the IKEA stores in Turkey, you can buy a variety of electrical appliances, decoration, furnishings, and kitchenware.

Although IKEA is a Swedish trademark, but their prices are reasonable compared to other foreign brands in Turkey.

To buy from IKEA stores, you can visit their branches in person, or register your order online on IKEA Turkey website.

By visiting this website, you can also find out the latest prices of household appliances and electrical appliances in Turkey.


Hedef AVM

In addition to the above, Hedef AVM is one of the best shopping centers in Turkey, selling all kinds of household items, carpets, decorative products, electrical appliances and furniture.

Carrefour and Migros Chains

In addition to the stores we mentioned earlier, large supermarkets such as the Carrefour chain and Migros chains also have many branches in different cities in Turkey, including Istanbul, and these stores sell a variety of household and electrical appliances.


If you are looking to buy cheap household appliances in Istanbul, you should visit ESKIDJI Bazaar.

This store is generally not a second-hand shop, but has a few branches selling used household and electric appliances.

ESKIDJI Bazaar has several branches in Istanbul, it is a large multi-storey complex with TV tables, electronics, furniture, restaurants, side cabinets, and all kinds of furnishings and household items in a variety of designs and colors.

Some branches of this store offer their goods with a guarantee, and they have free shipping and installation.

To manage costs, you can buy second-hand items from this store without worries, and you can be sure that you are buying high-quality goods, because everything comes with a guarantee.

The most famous online sites for buying and selling used devices in Turkey

Turkey has many internet sites that provide customers with the ability to sell and buy household and electrical appliances in Turkey, the most important websites in Turkey are Sahibinden and Letgo.

In these sites you can buy and sell many goods online without intermediaries.

You can also evaluate between the prices of the home appliances that you wish to buy using these sites.


Frequently asked questions

What is the best brand of electrical appliances in Turkey?

The top quality brands such as VESTEL and BEKO are trademarks of Turkish electrical appliances with international standards, and are usually affordable due to government support.

Almost all major shopping centers in Istanbul have a floor for household and electrical appliances, the most popular shopping centers that include household appliances in the city are Target, IKEA, Carrefour and Migros.

Sahibinden and Letgo are two of the main sites for selling and buying used items without intermediaries in Turkey.