The best quality masks are demanded by the German press


In Germany, it was alleged that low-quality masks purchased last year were planned to be distributed to the homeless and the disabled.

Controversy over the mask is growing in Germany, and allegations that the Ministry of Health purchased low-quality masks in the spring of 2020, and planned to distribute them to the homeless and the disabled, have sparked controversy in the country.

According to news in Der Spiegel, the German Ministry of Health bought protective masks worth 1 billion euros last year.

He claimed that the masks that were not subjected to a “temperature resistance test” were not usable, yet they were intended for distribution to the elderly, the disabled and those with income.

In this way, it was noted that an attempt was made to prevent one billion euros in damages.


“Inhumane practice”

It was noted in the news that the Ministry of Health requested the approval of the Ministry of Labor to distribute the relevant masks, but it was unable to obtain approval.

Reaction was not long after the allegations, and Lars Klingbeil of the Social Democrats said: “This is an inhumane practice.”

Angelica Glockner of the same party also stated that Health Minister Spahn made many mistakes during the pandemic.

“Span is trying to cover it up, people with disabilities are not guinea pigs for wrong decisions.”

The German Ministry of Health denied these allegations, and the statement indicated that “the federal government has not taken any decision regarding the destruction of the aforementioned masks.”

It was also reported that the allegations and the basis of the news were unknown, and it was emphasized in the statement that great attention was paid to the quality of the masks.